Software & apps for collaboration and wireless presentation

Our software and apps work seamlessly in combination with WolfVision Visualizer and Cynap hardware systems. They provide extra system functionality, enhanced usability, and are an integral part of each and every WolfVision vSolution.

Our innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use BYOD control solutions are available for all platforms, ensuring that you will always be able to access and manage the content materials you want to use during presentations, lectures and collaborative sessions.

Screen Mirroring - vSolution Cast

Using our vSolution Cast software for Windows laptops and tablets in combination with a Cynap System, enables screen content from these devices to be quickly and easily mirrored to a display screen. The software can be run either directly from the device or via a connected USB stick or external hard drive containing the file.

The vSolution Cast app for iOS is for use in network environments where the Bonjour service (device discovery protocol) has been disabled. This network configuration prevents user devices from automatically searching for AirPlay receivers such as Cynap. The app enables quick and easy manual connection to Cynap, ensuring that iOS users in all network environments can mirror screen content to Cynap via AirPlay.

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vSolution Cast screen mirroring

vSolution Capture collaboration streaming

vSolution Capture

Using our vSolution Capture app for iOS, Android, and Windows, with a Cynap System, enables virtually unlimited numbers of students or work colleagues in the same room as the presenter or lecturer, to receive and record a direct stream of presentations and lectures. A live stream of all presentation content, including audio can be captured, and recipients can personalize their own copy of the recorded stream by adding notes and annotations in real-time.

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Wireless presentation - vSolution Connect

Sync your WolfVision Visualizer or Cynap system with vSolution Connect, our powerful app for tablets with a full multimedia control dashboard. This unique app allows all media types to be integrated and controlled from a single device, and enables materials stored either locally on a tablet or in Dropbox to be added seamlessly into presentations. The easy-to-use recording functionality of vSolution Connect also enables entire presentations including any external content, to be recorded, and saved to the tablet memory - an innovative lecture or presentation recording solution.

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vSolution Control wireless presentation

vSolution Control

vSolution Control is a Visualizer and Cynap remote control app from WolfVision, and is available for Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and iOS. Designed specifically for each platform, this easy-to-use app enables a presenter to connect wirelessly, and then use the intuitive and easy-to-use keypad and live image preview to control a presentation wirelessly from anywhere in the room.

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vSolution Link for PC and Mac

vSolution Link enables a user to connect a computer directly to a compatible Visualizer or camera. The software allows for saving, printing and emailing of images, recording of videos, adding annotations and video streaming. It can also automate the Visualizer firmware update process.

When used together with a Cynap system, the software enables firmware updates, download and distribution of device settings to multiple systems, live image preview, and complete remote control of Cynap.

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vSolution Link

vSolution Cynap software and app checklist

Cynap software & app checklist


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