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Hybrid Meeting Equipment: Better Remote Working, Better Employee Retention

It's now easier than ever before for employees to stay connected and productive from anywhere in the world.

Tomorrow's Courtroom AV Solutions Today

This article explores how AV technology is transforming courtrooms today, ensuring that the judiciary can meet the demands of modern justice.

The Ideal Technology for Modern and Interactive Schools

The CYNAP systems from WolfVision offer an innovative platform for an adaptive, secure, and interactive learning experience

Handling of multi-source, multi-screen presentation materials

One-touch content sharing to pre-defined groups in the classroom or courtroom

Exploring EdTech: The Role of Education Technology in Enhancing Learning Experiences

This article delves into what EdTech encompasses, its significance in modern education, and how it has revolutionized learning environments.

Conference Room AV: 7 Essential Meeting Room Considerations

We delve into the pivotal role of Audio Visual technology in crafting dynamic, effective, and collaborative meeting spaces

Why Audio Quality Matters in Hybrid Meetings

As we navigate this new normal, the importance of utilising professional equipment in meeting rooms is increasingly apparent.

Two 'Best of Show' Awards for vSolution COMPOSER at ISE 2024

Dual screen content management made easy!

Visualizer Firmware Updates

New Visualizer firmware is available for the VZ-3neo.UHD, VZ-8neo.UHD, VZ-8.UHD Visualizer models.

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