Judicial AV solutions

Wireless evidence presentation, display of analog materials, hybrid courtroom technology

Taking presentation of digital and physical evidence to a new level

Our award-winning Cynap range of multi-screen wireless collaboration systems are ideally suited for handling presentation of evidence. They solve many of the AV challenges you face when looking for new equipment for your courtrooms.

When considering onscreen display of 'live' materials such as documents, diagrams or physical objects, WolfVision document camera / Visualizer systems are the finest devices available for the task, and are used daily in 1000s of courtrooms worldwide.

Whether you are supporting in-room, virtual or hybrid courtroom setups, you'll find a flexible multi-functional all-in-one system to suit your needs. Explore how these award-winning systems can provide solutions to some of the issues most commonly encountered in courtrooms.   


Are you considering a multi-screen digital courtroom?

Easy-to-use all-in-one wireless solutions for presenting digital evidence onscreen


Do you need to be able to annotate at the witness stand?

Outstanding built-in capability - Part of our all-in-one evidence presentation solution for courtrooms

WolfVision Visualizers for high quality on-screen presentation of evidence.

Can you display evidence of all types onscreen?

HIgh quality onscreen display of physical evidence for both in-room and remote court participants


Streamlining administration

Convenient remote management of all Cynap family and Visualizer systems


Keeping your data safe

Sophisticated design, testing, and manufacturing processes ensure appropriate levels of security

screen share_v7

Wireless presentation made easy!

Hassle-free screen sharing for all laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs