Evidence presentation for in-person and hybrid courtrooms

Digital transformation: Modern AV technology solutions

Evidence presentation solutions using Cynap and vSolution MATRIX

vSolution MATRIX is a networked AV evidence presentation solution for courtrooms. It is easy to install and simple to use. In combination with Wolfvision Cynap systems, it provides a unique and highly-intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes secure handling and management of on-screen content in courtroom environments easier than ever before.

Dedicated encoders and decoders, or complex room control systems are not needed. Users simply route video streams directly between WolfVision’s Cynap Pro, located on the podium, and connected Cynap Core Pro or Cynap Pure Receiver devices, which are provided for judge‘s bench, jury box, attorney tables and witness stand. Additional screens can also be installed in the room together with a Cynap Pure Receiver as required. Installers simply use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create a visual floorplan of the courtroom. 


Preserving the integrity of courtroom processes
BYOD screen sharing
Wireless presentation made easy!
Cynap systems support AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring, so no apps, buttons, dongles, or extra software are needed, when sharing digital content wirelessly onscreen in the courtroom, from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
Controlled presentation of evidence
With a ‘Preview’ and ‘Publish’ workflow, court officials use simple drag-and-drop movements to push onscreen content for the judge to preview and approve, or for jury, plaintiff, or defence attorneys to view. No content is displayed onscreen without approval.
onscreen evidence
Consistent viewing of onscreen evidence!
The rapid shift to virtual and hybrid courts means that evidence presentation systems must now operate far more flexibly than ever before. Our systems ensure that displayed evidence is viewable on-screen in a consistent and controlled way for both in-room and remote court attendees.
hybrid courtroom efficiency
Hybrid courtroom efficiency
The global pandemic led to a dramatic shift in the way justice is delivered in courtrooms, Post-Covid, Cynap solutions are used in many courtrooms where remote and hybrid hearings, arraignments, and trials have become the norm, helping to reduce backlogs, and deliver significant cost savings.
Multi-platform web conferencing
Cynap‘s multi-platform web conferencing solution supports Zoom, MS Teams and WebRTC-based web conferencing services. Including web conferencing capability ensures that presented evidence is easily viewed by both remote and in-room session participants.
Annotation at the witness stand
Cynap Pure Receivers support touchscreen annotation functionality which is useful for example on the witness stand. Judges can strictly control who is authorized to annotate, and when they are allowed do it, to avoid any misuse during court proceedings.

Drag-and-drop to display your evidence

A judge or clerk of the court can simply drag and drop signals between the different screens to display evidence onscreen as required during court hearings. Standardized workflows using ‘ Preview‘ or ‘Publish‘ options ensure that on-screen evidence from any source, can be displayed in a controlled and secure manner.

The new version vSolution MATRIX 2.0 provides increased performance, is easier to use, and offers addiitonal functionality for users. With support provided for extra streams, it's now possible to prepare all evidence or other onscreen content in advance, and simply drag and drop it onto the required display screen when required. 

Sample of a custom-configured courtroom Room View.
Sample of a custom-configured courtroom Room View.
* vSolution App  / vSolution MATRIX software makes it easy to drag-and-drop digital and analog evidence for onscreen display anywhere in the room.
* vSolution App / vSolution MATRIX software makes it easy to drag-and-drop digital and analog evidence for onscreen display anywhere in the room.
Key system advantages
Add a Visualizer for display of analog evidence
Physical evidence placed under a WolfVision Visualizer/document camera and enlarged onscreen, helps attorneys to create powerful arguments. ‘Live‘ evidence is part of the overall WolfVision system and content can be pushed to any display screen for viewing as required.
Remote arraignments using Cynap Pure Pro
Adding a Cynap Pure Pro wireless presentation and collaboration system to external locations can help to extend the physical courtroom. For example, installation in a jail helps to create greater efficiency when prisoners can attend arraignments remotely.
Reducing equipment - reducing costs
Eliminating racks full of audiovisual equipment means reduced costs, as well as fewer potential points of failure. Customizable peripheral device controls also handle tasks that would otherwise require a room control system, reducing costs even further.
Built-in webcasting technology
Cynap‘s multi-functional capability also includes webcasting. This can be used for streaming of court proceedings for ‘live‘ or on-demand viewing, either to a dedicated platform, or to popular channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or others.
Remote management & updates
The included vSolution Link Pro remote management software facilitates easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of multiple systems across multiple locations. Firmware updates are free of charge, and there are no recurring license fees.
Maximum security in the courtroom
Separate networks can be configured for court personnel and external visitors for maximum network security, and all wireless content is 100% encrypted. After each court session, no information is stored on any WolfVision system.
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