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vSolution COMPOSER

Dual screen content management made easy!

vSolution COMPOSER allows presenters to prepare and view multi-source content on a connected preview screen before dragging and dropping it onto either the left or right-hand main display screen as and when required during presentations. Providing an extremely intuitive GUI makes life much easier for presenters where twin screens are in use.

  • Ideal for larger lecture theatres
  • Advance preparation on preview screen
  • Easy drag & drop control
  • Web conferencing integration
  • Supports recording and streaming
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Enhanced flexibility in larger setups with dual-display screens

The combination of dual displays and web conferencing enriches the hybrid working and learning environment. It allows for a seamless display of multiple sources of content along with clear audio transmission, making sure that remote participants enjoy the same onscreen experience as those present in the room. 


Captivating onscreen presentations

Traditionally, dual displays have enabled the simultaneous presentation of two different inputs. For instance, simultaneously displaying content from a computer and a document camera has been a popular choice in educational settings.

The integration of vSolution COMPOSER is a game changer, as it allows for the advanced preparation and effortless control of different content pieces on twin screens.


Extra flexibility for active learning

When using vSolution COMPOSER as part of a vSolution MATRIX installation, educators can easily utilize a second display screen, and simply drag and drop content to either left or righthand display screens from any of the workstations in the room. Colour-coded streams and single or dual arrow markings ensure it's easy to recognise where each stream is routed.


Available for Cynap Pro

vSolution COMPOSER's award-winning , unique functionality is available for Cynap Pro, our top-of-the-line wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration system.

This powerful rack-mountable AV centrepiece is ideal for classrooms, meeting spaces and courtrooms, eliminating the need for racks full of equipment. It also operates as the main station for the vSolution MATRIX active learning / evidence presentation solution.