Corporate AV solutions

Digital and analog presentation and collaboration systems for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and huddle spaces of all sizes. 

Award-winning all-in-one AV systems for in-room, online and hybrid working and learning environments.

Taking conference room presentation and collaboration to a new level

Our award-winning Cynap range of wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration systems helps to solve many of the AV challenges you face when looking for new equipment for your meeting rooms. 

Whether you are supporting in-person, online or hybrid setups, you'll find a flexible multi-functional all-in-one WolfVision AV system to suit your needs. Discover now how these unique systems can provide solutions to some of the issues most commonly encountered in conference rooms and other meeting spaces. 


Ensuring data security

Sophisticated design, testing, and manufacturing processes ensure appropriate levels of security


Streamlining administration

Convenient remote management of all Cynap family and Visualizer systems


Are you looking for effective hybrid meeting room technology?

Web conferencing solutions providing a consistent collaboration experience


Digital signage player

Cynap screensaver can function as a customisable digital signage player


Built-in whiteboard & Annotation tools

Using a Cynap to add value to your displayed content materials


Even if you're far away from the main display screen you can still see the content easily

screen share_v7

Wireless presentation and collaboration made easy!

'All-in-one' conference room AV systems combining simple wireless screen mirroring together with essential collaboration tools


Transform Your Corporate Training and Communication

Elevate your corporate learning and development


6 great reasons to add a Cynap system to your Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) or Zoom Rooms

For these web conferencing environments, our Cynap wireless presentation and collaboration systems offer a simple means of elevating your video conferencing experience.