High performance on-screen display of digital and analogue content for conference rooms, meetings, huddle spaces, and training rooms.

Visualizer systems

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, said Leonardo da Vinci, in a time when life was nowhere near as fast-paced or complex as it is today.

In the complicated modern world, making the operation of our Visualizer systems as easy as possible is our greatest challenge. In addition to providing the unrivalled imaging quality for which we are well-known throughout the world, ease-of-use is the very best service that we can offer our customers.

A WolfVision Visualizer supports the skills and efforts of a presenter in making a meaningful connection with, and communicating with the audience. Unnecessary distractions are avoided, and concentration levels of meeting participants are easier to maintain.

Wireless presentation technology in use in a meeting room

Cynap systems

We support effective communication and collaboration with our technologically advanced but outstandingly easy to use Cynap solutions. 

Whether you're looking for a powerful all-in-one wireless presentation and collaboration system with built-in media player, Zoom, Teams and WebRTC web conferencing, plus recording, streaming, and wireless BYOD screen sharing, to replace your existing in-room equipment, or to set up a simple touchless, wireless BYOD presentation environment, our range of Cynap solutions offers the ideal cost-effective, easy-to-use solution.


Wireless collaboration tools for meetings

Case studies

Check out our case studies featuring our Visualizer systems and Cynap wireless presentation and collaboration solutions, installed in many of the world's leading businesses.

Dual wireless Shure SM58 microphones are used for audio. A Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system is used to pick up audio from every part of the room in situations where groups of speakers

Spokane Regional Health District, USA

WolfVision Cynap system as broadcasting studio centerpiece

Boardroom at uniVersa Insurance

Universa Insurance

Wireless presentation & collaboration for business

ZDI, Mainfranken, Germany

ZDI, Mainfranken, Germany

vSolution MATRIX transforms co-working spaces

Exterior view of Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Danske Bank, Copenhagen

Visualizers play key role in conference room

Videnpark - an innovative meeting place rather than an ordinary office block

Videnpark, Fredericia, Denmark

High level Visualizer solution for 'Knowledge Park'

WolfVision Visualizers: providing powerful benefits to the oil & gas industries worldwide.

Petroleum Development Oman

Ceiling Visualizer systems in the oil & gas industry

Dubai skyline with the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel pictured in the foreground.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai

First-class collaboration for business

WolfVision Cynap and VZ-C6 Visualizer – the perfect combination, meeting all requirements for customer and supplier discussions.

BiNova Immobilien GmbH

Innovative real estate sales solution with Ceiling Visualizer and Cynap systems

The Hallidie Building, headquarters of The American Institute of Architects, San Francisco.

American Institute of Architects

Presentation and training using Cynap

EMSD, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Hong Kong:

EMSD Hong Kong

Cynap plays key role in state-of-the-art learning spaces


ZDI, Mainfranken, Germany
Boardroom at uniVersa Insurance
WolfVision Cynap and VZ-C6 Visualizer – the perfect combination, meeting all requirements for customer and supplier discussions.
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We have been really surprised to see just how much advantage the wireless technology gives us when collaborating, when presenting, and during our workshop days, and we see this as a clear advantage for our facility in comparison to other facilities.

Mr. Tilman Hampl
Technical Director, ZDI Mainfranken

The technology is complemented by the newly developed presentation and collaboration system WolfVision Cynap as a BYOD solution, with which we can simultaneously stream and record presentation content. By means of freely programmable touch panels we achieve maximum acceptance, using systems that are the simplest and most intuitive to operate.

Günther Scherer
uniVersa Insurance

Future-oriented, innovative, and very easy to use were our requirements, and that is exactly what the WolfVision system delivers.

Willi Schmeh
CEO, BiNova Immobilien GmbH
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