The Ideal Technology for Modern and Interactive Schools

The CYNAP systems from WolfVision, thousands of which are already installed in schools throughout the world, have been specially developed for hybrid teaching and offer a wealth of features that support and facilitate modern educational approaches:


1. Easy "BYOD" presentations: The CYNAP systems allow students to wirelessly present content directly from their own devices— without cables, dongles, or additional software. This promotes an interactive and engaging learning environment.

2. Support for group work: With wireless screen mirroring, up to four students can present and compare their work on the main screen simultaneously. This promotes collaboration and intensifies the exchange of ideas.

3. BYOM for hybrid teaching: With the BYOM function, CYNAP systems can be seamlessly integrated into any web conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Big Blue Button. This allows remote students at home to be effectively integrated into the ongoing class.

4. Integration of teaching methods: CYNAP systems enable a seamless combination of traditional and digital teaching methods, enriching the overall learning experience.



5. Centralized and multilingual management: The ability to centrally manage all devices by an administrator across schools makes it easier for teachers to focus on educational content by minimizing technical aspects.

6. Comprehensive security features: In addition to centralized, privacy-compliant management, the systems also offer emergency alerts, making them particularly safe in school environments.

7. Durability and support: An optional warranty extension of up to five years, as well as features such as interactive screensavers and viewer modes for backchannel-enabled screen sharing, underscore the future-oriented and flexible usability of the CYNAP systems.

8. Advanced control options: With peripheral control, teachers can directly control other devices in the classroom, such as screens and projectors, simplifying and modernizing the teaching process.

The CYNAP systems from WolfVision offer an innovative platform for an adaptive, secure, and interactive learning experience that benefits both teachers and students and prepares educational institutions for the challenges of a digitalized world.


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