Reseller Section

Price Requests

Resellers, with the exception listed below, should complete a Price Request prior to submitting a Purchase Order.

  • WolfVision Authorized Dealers who will be using AD pricing do not need to submit a Price Request. You are automatically approved for AD pricing as it stands on your current Authorized Dealer Price list.
  • WolfVision Authorized Dealers who wish to be considered for pricing other than AD pricing, such as for our Registered Project Program (RPP), must submit a Price Request.
  • All other Resellers must submit a Price Request.
  • ​A WolfVision Sales Manager will review your Price Request and send a Price Approval via email.
  • All Purchase Orders should reference the Price Approval number.

For further details on pricing, please consult your Authorized Dealer materials or contact your Sales Rep or a WolfVision Sales Manager.

Parts Store for Resellers

Authorized Dealers and Resellers can purchase replacement parts at our Reseller Parts Store. You will need the passcode provided with your Authorized Dealer materials. Please contact WolfVision if you need assistance.