Education AV solutions

Digital and analog presentation and collaboration AV solutions for lecture halls, classrooms, and active learning spaces


Taking presentation & collaboration to a new level

Our award-winning Cynap range of wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration systems helps to solve many of the AV challenges you face when looking for new equipment for your learning spaces.

When considering onscreen display of 'live' materials such as books, diagrams or physical objects, WolfVision document camera / Visualizer systems are the finest devices available for the task, and are found in most of the world's leading educational institutions. 
Whether you are supporting in-person, online or hybrid classroom setups, you'll find a flexible multi-functional all-in-one system to suit your needs. Discover now how these unique systems can provide solutions to some of the issues most commonly encountered in classrooms and other teaching spaces.   


Keeping your data safe

Sophisticated processes ensure appropriate levels of security


Classroom announcements made easy!

Cynap screensaver can function as a flexible digital signage player

Each workstation has two Cynap Cores, and the screens in the room are grouped as either left or right, enabling a lecturer to send content to either the right or left-hand display screens.

Hybrid classroom AV for active learning

Using Cynap systems to ensure a consistent collaborative learning experience


Live imaging for in-person, online and hybrid learning

For consistent learning experiences - wherever you are!


Handling multi-source content on dual screens

Our vSolution COMPOSER feature on Cynap Pro simplifies content management of materials shown on twin displays


Combining presentation, collaboration, and room control technology

Integrate Q-SYS UCIs into selected Cynap models - Sample API modules also available for Crestron, AMX and Extron


Streamlining administration

Convenient remote management of all Cynap family and Visualizer systems

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Supporting active learning

Device-agnostic, multi-screen, multi-source, AVoIP wireless classroom technology solutions


Get rid of the cables!

Simple BYOD wireless presentation for all laptops, smartphones and tablets


Stream displayed content to your own personal device

The Live Viewer Mode for Cynap enables even those seated at the back of the room to see onscreen content easily.


Cynap integration for Eduroam

How can I give access to Eduroam users to wireless classroom AV ?


Using a Cynap system as a capture agent for Panopto

How can I capture multi-source content materials effectively?


Enhancing digital healthcare training and development

Supporting training of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals


What's the easiest way to handle multi-screen presentations?

One-touch content sharing to pre-defined groups in the classroom

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