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Handling of multi-source, multi-screen presentation materials

One-touch content sharing to pre-defined groups in the classroom or courtroom

Exploring EdTech: The Role of Education Technology in Enhancing Learning Experiences

This article delves into what EdTech encompasses, its significance in modern education, and how it has revolutionized learning environments.

Two 'Best of Show' Awards for vSolution COMPOSER at ISE 2024

Dual screen content management made easy!

10 ways to maximize the potential of your document camera

We explore the top 10 best ways to use your document camera. It's a great place to start in getting the most from this game-changing technology.

Active Learning Classroom AV technology in Higher Education

In this article, we delve into how AV technology is shaping active learning spaces in higher education institutions.

6 Benefits of using WolfVision Cynap classroom technology

Discover what makes WolfVision collaboration solutions unique

Exploring AV higher education technology in lecture theatres

Six ways AV technology can enrich the educational experience.   

A hybrid approach to active learning classroom technology

Supporting active learning classrooms using hybrid learning technology

Classroom technology solutions supporting active learning

Active learning is a type of learning where students are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process. This means that students become active participants in the classroom, or online, and where they are not simply listening passively. 

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