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Cynap firmware update – BYOM web conferencing

Firmware release version v1.58 brings new features and functionality

8 essentials when choosing Conference Room Technology

We explore some essential considerations when selecting the ideal AV technology for your conference room.

A hybrid approach to active learning classroom technology

Supporting active learning classrooms using hybrid learning technology

WolfVision introduces Q-SYS Core solutions integration for Cynap Pro & Cynap Core Pro

WolfVision introduces Q-SYS Core User Control Interface (UCI) integration for Cynap systems


Classroom technology solutions supporting active learning

Active learning is a type of learning where students are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process. This means that students become active participants in the classroom, or online, and where they are not simply listening passively. 

Cynap firmware update v1.56d

Cynap family firmware is updated regularly. New firmware version v1.56d for Cynap, Cynap Pro, Cynap Core, Cynap Core Pro, Cynap Pure Pro, Cynap Pure, Cynap Pure Mini, and Cynap Pure Receiver contains the following improvements.

We invite you to ISE 2023

Registration for ISE 2023 is now open, and we invite you to use our invitation code GMM32X7S to get your free ticket for the show.

Visualizer Firmware Update v1.60a

New Visualizer firmware is available for the VZ-3neo.UHD, VZ-8neo.UHD, VZ-8.UHD Visualizer models.

Easy wireless screen sharing for meeting rooms

Introducing WolfVision technology into your meeting room makes wireless screen sharing easier than ever before. 

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