6 Benefits of using WolfVision Cynap classroom technology

Discover what makes WolfVision collaboration solutions unique

Wireless presentation, web conferencing & collaboration made easy!

A wireless presentation and collaboration system is a tech solution that lets multiple users share and work with content wirelessly from their devices to a main screen.

It makes real-time teamwork, remote involvement, and easy content sharing possible without needing cables or special software, boosting efficient and dynamic group discussions or presentations. There are a huge number of different solutions available, and it's not easy to navigate through all the available technologies. 

Our award-winning range of Cynap systems is unique. We combine powerful performance, easy-to-use operation, and a unique blend of essential presentation and collaboration tools together, to offer a selection of 'all-in-one' classroom collaboration tech solutions that is second to none!

1. Wide Array of Models

Our Cynap wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration systems product range fits any size classroom. With five unique models, you're guaranteed to find the perfect educational tech AV system to meet your needs.

Whether you're looking for a multi-screen setup for active learning classrooms, or simple wireless screen sharing for smaller learning spaces, we've got you covered. Simply choose the model you need to suit your needs. With 5 different models in the range you're sure to find your ideal solution.

And when outfitting multiple learning environments, the uniform, user-friendly interface of all Cynap systems lets you standardize your technology across the board.

2. Consistent hybrid learning experience

With classrooms moving increasingly towards a hybrid model, ensuring a consistent collaboration experience for students and educators is key. It is essential to offer an inclusive learning environment when a student attends class remotely through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This environment should encourage active participation.

Simply running a Zoom or Teams session isn't enough. All onscreen content should be equally accessible to both in-room and remote students. That's where WolfVision Cynap systems come in.

They ensure that content from in-room students displayed onscreen can be easily shared with online attendees. This helps to promote collaboration equity for all.


3. Free firmware & no recurring license fees

One major benefit of choosing WolfVision is our policy of no subscription fees or per workstation recurring licensing costs. We provide firmware updates free of charge. This approach not only maximizes your return on investment but also helps to extend the useful life of your system.

We believe in transparency when it comes to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions. Regular firmware updates introduce new features and improvements, ensuring that your Cynap systems remain functional for as long as possible.

4. Scalable active learning options

vSolution MATRIX is a scalable active learning platform. It uses AVoIP-connected Cynap units to stream audio and video between multiple displays.

Perfect for active learning classrooms of all sizes, vSolution MATRIX supports up to an incredible 40 workstations. Content is shared between monitors and the main screen in the room. Processing is done by the installed Cynap systems. This means that there is no need for additional encoders or decoders.

vSolution MATRIX is the original active learning classroom collaboration solution. It helps to create an outstanding interactive classroom experience, and it is used daily by thousands of students and teachers worldwide.


5. All-in-one collaboration tools

Cynap systems offer high-quality wireless presentation of multi-source, digital content, and much more.

Customers can choose from a range of Cynap models with built-in features such as BYOM web conferencing, a media player, integrated web browser, whiteboard and annotation, webcasting, recording, and more.

Having an 'all-in-one' AV system in your classroom allows you to control everything you need using a single, easy-to-use user interface. You can even incorporate room control functionality and manage all in-room tasks from a single touch panel, or directly from the Cynap itself.

6. Flexible network integration

The ability to configure three separate networks (BYOD, WIFI, control and admin, and internet service) provides a big advantage when planning the design and setup of learning spaces.

This flexibility in network integration allows for a more customized and efficient learning environment design and setup.

Administrators can easily setup employee devices to use a Company network and guest devices to use a separate guest network with Internet access. The key advantage of this is that security of company data is ensured becasue there is no possibility for routing of data between the different networks.


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