Handling of multi-source, multi-screen presentation materials

One-touch content sharing to pre-defined groups in the classroom or courtroom

New MATRIX Command Buttons for easy content sharing

When using vSolution MATRIX / vSolution COMPOSER for Cynap Pro, the latest firmware version includes the possibility to pre-configure buttons to enable content to be pushed to different groups of screens in the classroom. Simply prepare your content using the preview monitor before dragging it onto either the left-hand or right-hand display screen, and then share using the onscreen buttons.   

WolfVision solutions for education


Configurable buttons for easy presentation of evidence

In courtrooms, Cynap Pro systems now offer the ability to share onscreen evidence variously with judge, jury, attorney tables, witness stand, and public gallery easily to by configuring custom command buttons to push pre-prepared content to pre-assigned groups of multiple screens.

WolfVision solutions for courtrooms

Evidence is easily shared to pre-determined sets of screens at the touch of a button.
Control screen showing configured command buttons.
Control screen showing configured command buttons.
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