Wireless presentation and collaboration

When you've got something to say, we believe it is important that getting your message across and making an impact should be as easy as possible.

Our aim is to help you explain it better, to give you the freedom to share your knowledge with others - however you want, and whenever you want, when your audience is in the same room or on the other side of the world.

Because knowledge matters - to all of us.
  • In short, we want knowledge - more knowledge, new knowledge, cutting-edge knowledge in many disciplines. Clearly we perform better by generation knowledge as a group, so all the more significant are solutions for the presentation, sharing, and collaborative creation of knowledge - such as those offered by WolfVision with vSolution.
    Mike Allinson
    Learning and Teaching Support Manager, University College London
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January 30 - February 01, 2018
Learntec 2018
Messe Karlsruhe
Messeallee 1
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Driving the creation of knowledge

Never before has success in business been so dependent on effective knowledge sharing and collaboration between employees. It is also just as important in educational institutions, where successful learning depends on the effective implementation of innovative and creative teaching methods.

WolfVision Visualizer and Cynap systems support more effective communication and collaboration, both in meetings and in the classroom, through advanced but easy-to-use presentation and collaboration technology.

Detailed vSolution Cynap information: www.cynap.net
Wireless presentation & collaboration systems