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Cynap Core Pro

Advanced collaboration & presentation solution

Cynap Core Pro is a wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration system, featuring wireless BYOD screen sharing for all iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS devices, together with a comprehensive range of collaboration and web conferencing tools.

  • BYOD screen sharing
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • vSolution MATRIX compatible
  • Optional capture agent for the Panopto video management platforms
  • Whiteboard & annotation
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App-free dongle-free screen sharing!

Connect and share your screen using the wireless technology that's built into your own mobile device. Our wireless BYOD solutions suit all iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows and Mac devices - with full support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast screen mirroring.

Instant access to Zoom & MS Teams meetings

Support for Zoom and MS Teams video meetings makes it easy to start an instant meeting or join a scheduled Zoom meeting directly from within a Cynap Core Pro. Support for WebRTC web conferencing is also provided.

Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings using WolfVision's vSolution App as a 'touchless' controller

Display & share your files easily

Share your data on-screen easily from cloud, network drives or mobile devices - even your laptop is no longer essential - just bring your content on a USB stick, or download it directly from the cloud!


Implementation advantages / HDMI In port

The ability to configure three separate networks (ie. BYOD wi-fi, control and admin, and internet service) offers significant advantages when planning your working and learning environments.

An HDMI In port is also available for connecting in-room devices such as a Visualizer, camera or PC.

WolfVision Cynap Core Pro wireless presentation & collaboration system connectors

Annotate over any open window

Add to your content material using our built-in annotation features - or note down your ideas using the digital whiteboard, and save the output of both for further use.

Annotating on a touchscreen
Additional Features
3 Years Warranty
Cynap family systems come with a 3 year limited warranty, which can be extended to 5 years at the time of purchase.
Free firmware, no license fees
Regular firmware updates provide you with new features and improvements, helping to extend the life of your investment, and maximise your ROI.
Integrated web browser
Display web-based content side by side on-screen, together with your regular presentation materials, for incredible flexibility in classrooms or meeting rooms.
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Room Control APIs
Prepared modules and customisable APIs are available for WolfVision systems, enabling them to communicate with Room Control Systems via LAN or USB,
Touchback control
Use a touchscreen monitor to control your Windows laptop wirelessly while working at the main screen.
Remote management & updates
Our free of charge vSolution Link Pro software enables easy remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of WolfVision systems.
Enterprise level security
Custom-built, closed, Linux system offering 100% wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customisable security features giving you the level of protection you require.
Office 365 Feature Pack
Offers a MS Teams web conferencing client and provides access to other popular Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote (active Office 365 account required).
vSolution Meeting
Room booking functionality that interfaces seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar for outstanding management of your meeting spaces.

Upgrades & Accessories

vSolution MATRIX
Stream video and audio between multiple screens using networked AV-based technology - popular in active learning classrooms training rooms & courtrooms.
WolfVision vSolution App
vSolution App
Web conferencing controller when accessing Zoom, Teams or webRTC meetings, plus enables recording of content material onto mobile devices & more (iOS, Android, Windows).
Cynap wireless presentation & collaboration system remote control
Remote control
Optional remote control is available if required
Capture feature pack
The optional Capture Feature Pack enables Cynap Core Pro to act as a capture agent for the Panopto video management platforms. It also enables local recording, and webcasting functionality.
Rack / Table mount
A mount is available that enables a Cynap or Core Pro system to be installed either underneath a tabletop surface, or mounted into a standard 19" rack.

Similar products

Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation system, front view
Cynap Pure

Compact solution, perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and huddle spaces of all sizes.

  • BYOD wireless screen sharing
  • No apps, no buttons, no cables
  • 4K UHD output resolution
  • Enterprise level security
Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation system, front view
Cynap Pure Pro

Outstanding wireless presentation & collaboration

  • BYOD wireless screen sharing
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • Document & media player
WolfVision Cynap presentation & collaboration system , front view

Centrepiece of the modern classroom, meeting room & courtroom

  • Document & media player
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • Recording & streaming

Cynap case studies

Active learning classroom at City, University of London, Department of Journalism
Mobile Philips interactive touch panels in the EMSD classroom
Each workstation has two Cynap Cores, and the screens in the room are grouped as either left or right, enabling a lecturer to send content to either the right or left-hand display screens.
Exterior view of Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
Multi-functional meeting room at The National University of Technology, Moscow, Russia.
Active learning collaborative classroom at Staffordshire University
Multi-functional active learning collaboration room, University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building
Exterior view, University of Idaho, USA
University of Oslo, Norway, Faculty of Law. One of Scandinavia‘s leading institutions for legal education and research.
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
WolfVision Cynap is used to stream teaching content live between laboratories at The University of Westminster
Washington State University, exterior view
1 /12
City, University of London

Outstanding vSolution MATRIX installation at the Department of Journalism

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EMSD Hong Kong

Cynap plays key role in state-of-the-art learning spaces

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London Business School

Impressive vSolution MATRIX active learning classroom installation

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Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

Cynap and Visualizers for flexible presentation of evidence.

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NUST (MISIS), Moscow, Russia

Cynap: The Centrepiece of the modern meeting room

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Staffordshire University

Flexible teaching in active learning classroom with Cynap

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University of Dundee, Scotland

Active learning collaborative classroom using Cynap systems and vSolution MATRIX

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University of Idaho

Collaborative learning with VZ-C6 Visualizer and Cynap systems.

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University of Oslo

Future-oriented learning at the Faculty of Law

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University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Cynap systems transform classroom learning environments

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University of Westminster

Synchronous hybrid learning environments using Cynap systems

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Washington State University

Flexible AVoIP active learning classroom using Cynap and vSolution MATRIX

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