Cynap 'Live Viewer Mode'

Even those at the back of the room can see your onscreen content easily

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Cynap 'Live Viewer Mode'

Stream onscreen content from your Cynap onto personal laptops, smartphones or tablet PCs for easy viewing.

Collaborative working and learning with Cynap systems can be enhanced by using the unique browser-based Live Viewer Mode. This feature enables multiple users to receive onscreen content (wired or wireless) from the main display onto their own personal laptops, smartphones or tablet PCs for easy viewing.

 Live Viewer Mode helps to make it easier to follow along and interact with onscreen material. It is especially beneficial is various scenarios, such as:

  • In large classrooms or conference rooms, where it may be difficult for some participants to see the main display screen clearly.
  • For individuals with visual impairments who may need to zoom in on the content for better visibility, or adjust colours, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • For remote participants who need to view the content in real-time, provided they have access to the same network where the Cynap system is connected.
  • Feature available on Cynap Pure and above.