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The need for effective hybrid meeting rooms

Hybrid working continues to increase in popularity, just as the number of 'office only' and 'home only' employees steadily decreases. 

Many hybrid meeting spaces and hybrid working methods were rapidly implemented out of necessity in 2020, and in many cases we see how these hastily equipped conference rooms and huddle spaces do not always deliver the consistent collaborative working experience that is essential for maximum productivity to be maintained. Too often there are compromises and collaborative working is adversely affected because the technology prevents remote-located teammates from working seamlessly together with their in-room colleagues.  



Collaboration equity for everybody regardless of location

Cynap systems include web conferencing / video conferencing functionality as part of a comprehensive suite of wireless presentation, web conferencing and collaboration tools.

Using our BYOM (bring your own meeting) web conferencing feature enables you to run web meetings directly from your own laptop, whilst connected to, and using the camera, microphone and speakers already installed in the room. This delivers superior hybrid meeting quality in terms of video and audio quality for both in-room and remote participants.

But crucially, as an 'all-in-one' single box solution, the incorporation of Cynap's additional BYOD wireless presentation, whiteboarding, annotation, streaming, and recording capabilities set it apart from other solutions and enable it to deliver a truly equitable collaboration experience:

  • Easy-to-use BYOD wireless connectivity for all in-room meeting participants
  • BYOM web meetings using any conferencing service
  • Ability for easy sharing of all onscreen content also for remote meeting delegates
  • Additional 'all-in-one' collaboration features such as web browser, media player, whiteboard, annotation
  • Range of models to suit individual requirements
  • Other capabilities include streaming, webcasting, recording, and much more.

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Advantages of a consistent hybrid collaboration experience

  • The ability to work from anywhere without compromising productivity, teamwork, or efficiency is of huge value to both employers and employees.
  • Many employers wish to offer the possibility for remote working as a way to attract and retain the best people, whilst also maximising productivity from a skilled, motivated, happy and connected workforce.
  • In order for hybrid working to be effective, whether in the office or remote-located, the working expeience must be the same. The same possibilies for seamless communication, for example using Microsoft Teams, web meetings, screen sharing or whiteboarding must be available and easy to use. 
  • Our powerful Cynap systems offer a multi-functional presentation and collaboration solution for hybrid conference rooms of any size - with all the collaboration tools you need, already built in and ready for use. They are used daily by many of the world's leading enterprises.


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