Visualizer Firmware Updates

For vSolution Cam, VZ-3neo.UHD, VZ-8neo.UHD, VZ-8.UHD models

Visualizer firmware updates

Release date: 21.12.2023: The firmware releases contain the following updates and improvements:

VZ-3neo.UHD / VZ-8neo.UHD / VZ-8.UHD (v1.70a)

  • Add configuration option for host name
  • Add optional moderator password
  • Add support for DHCP option 60
  • Improve device security
  • Improve web UI

vSolution Cam (v1.96a)

  • Improved long-term behaviour with static IP
  • System maintenance
  • Downgrades to versions below v1.96a are blocked
WolfVision Visualizer firmware updates