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Making a medical diagnosis can be a life or death decision, and may depend on having the clearest possible images to interpret. WolfVision Visualizers are distinguished by their timeless, user orientated design, and uncompromising build quality. They can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality images time after time. WolfVision Visualizers are produced with the highest quality components available, and are designed to deliver sharp, clearly defined images with strong colours, to assist in the determining of medical conditions and accurate diagnoses.

Efficient communication and faster decision making

Through the application of audio-visual and ICT technologies, telemedicine is now having a considerable impact on many aspects of healthcare provision. Medical practitioners are becoming more efficient in delivering treatment and care to patients despite the ever increasing pressures on their time and skills. Oncology, radiology, pathology, dermatology, dentistry and cardiology are among the wide range of medical disciplines already using and benefiting from telemedicine, leading to faster diagnosis, improved care and monitoring, and improved training provision.

Telemedicine in the UK, The Birmingham Cancer Network


In the UK, The Birmingham Cancer Network is a vital organisation, providing a service to eight hospitals in the Birmingham area. The network consists of multi-disciplinary teams of specialists who meet regularly to discuss and decide upon the most suitable treatment plans for each patient. These oncology, pathology and radiology specialists have chosen to conduct their meetings via videoconference. WolfVision Visualizers are connected to hospital systems, and their high quality resolution assists with diagnostic interpretation. Mr Richard Steyn, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon says ‘‘Videoconferencing allows for earlier meetings and therefore quicker care, it can also improve treatment by permitting more consultations, which in the past, may have been impossible”.

Medical consultant meetings

The importance of the high quality of WolfVision‘s image reproduction in medical applications is shown by the new Diagnostic Cancer Suite at The Altnagevin Hospital in Northern Ireland. A WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer has been installed there, it‘s sharp, accurate resolution enabling the hospital‘s cancer specialists to clearly see and interpret the grey shades of x-rays and CT scans to assist them in deciding upon the most suitable treatment plans for patients. The high precision lens and powerful light source combine to make the WolfVision Visualizer ideal for usage in this demanding application.

Training of surgeons

One of Europe‘s leading Wetlab specialists, WetLab Limited, use a P Series WolfVision Visualizer in their classrooms for the training of heart surgeons. The Visualizer allows the live demonstration of complex surgical procedures to be shown onscreen to the audience. WolfVision‘s reflection and shadow free light system ensures that all of the heart is illuminated, with no detail concealed, even deep inside it. Movement is clearly shown, and the high colour resolution reveals each and every detail in realistic colour. Kevin Austin, Director of WetLab Limited says ”The quality of the images is always impressive and immediately recognised by hospital teaching staff as superior to any other alternative. There is no doubt that the WolfVision Visualizer is by far the best for our demanding application”.

Training of medical staff

WolfVision Visualizers are currently to be found in many educational institutions throughout the World. At the Vöcklabruck Hospital in Upper Austria, in the school for general health and medical care, WolfVision Visualizers are used for training purposes by qualified healthcare and nursing staff. Franz Stadlmann, MBA, Lecturer in health and nursing says “The Visualizer is used in anatomy and physiology, and also in specialised health and medical care, to present medical and nursing images, pages from books, and also objects such as wound dressings to trainee nurses. The Visualizer is an integral part of our AV equipment, and we would not want to be without it”.

Easy to operate - leaves you free to concentrate on your presentation content

We fully understand that healthcare provision is a challenging and demanding profession. That is why it is very important for us that all WolfVision Visualizers are extremely easy to use and do not impose any technical challenges on the user, allowing health professionals to concentrate on what is most vital to them - the treatment and care of patients.

The application of WolfVision Visualizers in healthcare facilities Entire Visualizer series icon PDF download
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK Desktop Visualizers icon PDF download
Cardiology Congress, Berlin, Germany VZ-C3D Series icon PDF download
University Hospital Dhulikhel, Kathmandu, Nepal Desktop Visualizers icon PDF download
Wetlab Limited, Kenilworth, England Desktop Visualizers icon PDF download
Central Radiological Department, Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital, Vienna, Austria Desktop Visualizers icon PDF download
Visualizer and Telepathology - Remote Diagnosis with First-Class Imagery Desktop and Ceiling Visualizers icon PDF download



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