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Transforming Classrooms and Active Learning Spaces using Cynap and Visualizer systems

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The M House at Lund University of Technology, a cornerstone of the institution's Mechanical Engineering department, has undergone a comprehensive modernisation to meet the evolving demands of contemporary research and learning environments. Originally constructed in 1963, the building has been extensively renovated over the past three years, preserving its fundamental architecture while integrating cutting-edge educational technologies.

Project Goals

The primary objective of the renovation was to create a state-of-the-art educational facility that enhances the teaching and learning experience for both students and faculty. This was achieved through the implementation of advanced digital classrooms, small and large lecture halls, and two Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), designed to foster interactive and collaborative learning.



Key Technologies

Central to this transformation are WolfVision's Cynap Pro, Cynap Core Pro, and vSolution MATRIX systems, which combine to fulfil a crucial role in the Active learning classrooms. Cynap Core Pro devices are also used as a standalone wireless presentation and collaboration units in the other digital-enabled classrooms. These technologies facilitate seamless integration of multimedia content, enabling dynamic and interactive teaching methods. Additionally, the VZ-8.UHD Visualizer enhances the learning experience by providing high-quality live imaging of physical materials.

Cynap Pro and Cynap Core Pro: These systems provide versatile platforms for wireless presentation and collaboration, supporting a variety of devices and formats. They allow for simultaneous sharing of content from multiple sources, creating an engaging and interactive classroom environment.

vSolution MATRIX: This solution enhances the distribution of content across multiple screens, ensuring that all students have access to the same information, regardless of their seating position. It allows for seamless transitions between different teaching modes and media formats, facilitating an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

VZ-8.UHD Visualizer: WolfVision's top-of-the-line desktop Visualizer takes care of the live imaging of physical materials. This high-resolution document camera is perfect for displaying detailed images of documents, objects, and other physical materials in real-time, enriching the learning experience by bringing physical elements into the digital classroom.


The touchscreen 'Room View' enables easy 'drag and drop' control of all displayed content materials.
The touchscreen 'Room View' enables easy 'drag and drop' control of all displayed content materials.

Technical expertise and support

Special-Elektronik, WolfVision’s distributor in Sweden, and sales Partner AVS-Sweden played an integral role in this project. Their expertise and support were instrumental in the successful implementation of the advanced technologies that transformed the M House into a modern educational hub.


The response to the new facilities has been overwhelmingly positive. Both students and lecturers have shown great interest in the new technologies, eager to explore their potential to enhance the learning experience. The project has not only improved the quality of education at Lund University but has also set a benchmark for future projects within the institution. The innovative use of WolfVision's technology has demonstrated significant progress and has been recognized as a reference project across the university.

Watch the video on this page to see some amazing footage of this outstanding installation.


Large curved LED screen in a lecture hall at Lund University
Large curved LED screen in a lecture hall at Lund University

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