illwerke vkw energy campus montafon, Austria

VZ-8.UHD live imaging for new training centre

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illwerke vkw has been involved in production of usable energy for more than a hundred years. An innovative, reliable energy supplier, they are responsible for energy production in the Vorarlberg region of Austria. illwerke vkw operates in the areas of hydropower, supply and services, energy networks, and tourism. With around 1,200 employees, they build modern pumped storage power plants, develop infrastructure for e-cars, and operate advanced, efficient digitalized energy networks. 

They also place great importance on the expansion of renewable energy sources, electromobility, and smart network technologies. In Summer 2022, illwerke vkw opened a new ultra-modern training centre in Vandans, providing fifty training positions for future specialists. The apprentices are trained in the areas of metal technology, electrical engineering, mechatronics, cable car technology, IT and commercial professions.

VZ-8.UHD document camera in the main training room of the illwerke vkw energy campus.
VZ-8.UHD document camera in the main training room of the illwerke vkw energy campus.

The WolfVision VZ-8.UHD Visualizer plays an essential role in our main training room, providing us with exceptional levels of on-screen detail, supporting us in the delivery of our training programmes.

Training Manager - illwerke vkw energy campus montafon

As part of the training centre infrastructure, illwerke vkw selected a WolfVision VZ-8.UHD Visualizer system. This top-of-the-line 4K UHD document camera is proving invaluable for supporting training sessions by enabling images of ‘live’ materials to be displayed on-screen so that everybody can see them easily. Practical demonstrations, display of fine details and schematics, engineering components, manuals and other documentation are all easily shared with the student audience. 

The VZ-8.UHD ensures objects are displayed accurately with true-to-life colour reproduction, using smooth, consistent lighting from its powerful LED light system. Images are distortion-free and tack sharp in every part of the image. The use of ‘live’ training materials helps to maintain the attention of the class, and helps to create enjoyable training room sessions, the details of which are remembered long after the session is over. “The WolfVision VZ-8.UHD Visualizer plays an essential role in our main training room, providing us with exceptional levels of on-screen detail, supporting us in the delivery of our training programmes,“ explains Training Manager, DI (FH) Richard Dür. 

WolfVision is extremely proud to play an important supporting role in the education of apprentices at illwerke vkw, and looks forward to providing support and advice to the illwerke energy campus  for many years to come.


Products used

Document Camera / Visualizer VZ-8.UHD, Front
  • Native 4K UHD Visualizer system
  • Touchscreen control & preview monitor
  • 4K recording & streaming
  • Remote management & updating

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Two WolfVision VZ-9.4F Visualizers installed side by side at Heriot-Watt University.
Sabah Al-Salem University City, COAE, WolfVision Visualizer systems are an essential component of classroom infrastructure.
Loughborough University, UK: Live imaging of digital content together with physical objects and handwriting capture for in-person, online and hybrid learning.
Multimedia laboratory at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Aichi, Japan
The VZ-C6 is used for instruction during a conservation treatment by Bill Minter, Senior Book Conservator
Large lecture hall at SDSU with WolfVision Ceiling Visualizer suspended from the ceiling above the instructor‘s lectern.
Tokyo Keizai University, Japan: VZ-3neo installed without working plate, directly onto a classroom lectern.
Engineering 2 Building, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA.
Rare books and other items displayed on-screen using a VZ-C6 Visualizer during online classes at The University of Edinburgh
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