Effective collaboration

The implementation of active and collaborative learning strategies in universities and other educational institutions worldwide, has led to the creation of large numbers of new high tech learning environments, often using innovative collaborative technology solutions such as vSolution Cynap. Incorporating Cynap into these intuitive, and engaging learning spaces, allows both students and professors to access and share digital information of all types from any source, and in particular from users own personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

High performance knowledge sharing

The Cynap system, with its recording and streaming capability, together with its BYOD, and comprehensive media player functionality helps to provide a user-friendly classroom environment where active student participation is encouraged, and where the knowledge sharing experience is optimized – either when Cynap is used as a standalone collaboration system, or when it is used in combination with a WolfVision Visualizer – for the ultimate flexible analogue/digital ‘best of both worlds’ solution.

Okayama University, Japan, high tech classroom

High tech classrooms

At Okayama University, WolfVision Cynap systems are used to optimize information sharing in the classroom. In addition to the professor’s presentation material, students use WolfVision’s vSolution Cast software for Windows to mirror content from their PC screens onto the main display. Cynap streams all on-screen multimedia content to the student desktop PCs in the room. “Cynap makes it really easy for lecturers and students to record the most important parts of lessons, and with no post-production editing necessary, video is available to the students for use straight away. I am convinced that Cynap, with its recording, streaming, and BYOD capability, is going to make an important contribution to the academic development of students,” said Mr Takashi Hieda, Professor and Director of the Center for Information Technology Management at the university.

Collaborative learning spaces

Staffordshire University in the UK has installed WolfVision Cynap in one of its exemplar collaborative classrooms, in order to make learning and interacting with both staff, and other students as seamless and productive as possible. In the classroom, Cynap handles multiple wired and wireless input and output streams, enabling BYOD, HD recording, and streaming for both lecturers and students, using a wide range of personal devices. Modern learning spaces such as these help universities and other educational institutions to maximise the benefits of active learning, and collaboration in the classroom. WolfVision Cynap is an ideal component for installations such as these, where knowledge sharing and easy access to information of all types is of paramount importance.

Flexible teaching and lecture capture

The most important factors for successful presentations in a school or university setting are quite simple to name, but not so easy to implement. It is essential for the teacher or lecturer to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, to present effectively, to create interest, to encourage excitement and to captivate the students. The WolfVision Visualizer optimally supports the skills and efforts of the presenter in making a meaningful connection and communication with the audience. Spontaneous interaction becomes possible when photos, documents and objects are digitised and magnified in front of the audience, creating a very tangible and vivid experience that leaves a lasting impression. Our knowledge sharing solutions are ideal for lecture capture, recording of flipped classroom and e-learning learning material, and offer unsurpassed possibilities for multimedia content creation and flexible presentation of material.

A lasting impression of high quality

We live in fast-changing times. Technology and equipment age much quicker than ever before. However, there are exceptions and WolfVision Visualizers are such an exception. They are indeed ahead of their time and will certainly not be classed as outdated in many years to come. That may well sound presumptuous. However, the fact is that not every Visualizer is distinguished by timeless, user-oriented design, and not every Visualizer can boast hand-made production. The WolfVision Visualizer is such a design and can make such a claim. Every stage of the production process is controlled by specialists who are personally responsible for the quality of each unit produced. The keyword is quality and it is the main objective. WolfVision is very proud of the result which, in turn, has led to an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction.

Visualizers in Meiji University, Tokyo


WolfVision Visualizers are to be found in many universities throughout the world. At Meiji University in Tokyo, which ranks among the best universities in Japan, 80 lecture halls and auditoriums have been equipped with WolfVision Visualizers. Mr. Itaru Wada, Manager of the Izumi Campus, emphasises: "Whereas our support staff regularly receive requests about how to use our computers and audio systems, they have not received a single one for the WolfVision Visualizers, despite the fact that they are in constant use. They are so easy to operate that nobody seems to experience any kind of problem and everybody can work with them without any form of training."

Law schools

WolfVision Visualizers combine perfectly with interactive whiteboards. Books, 3-dimensional objects or photos can be captured and displayed on the interactive whiteboard, edited, annotated and then archived to the connected PC or laptop. The College of Law at Arizona State University in the US has its own mock-up courtroom for training purposes, and a WolfVision Visualizer is integrated with a wide range of presentation and annotation devices. During trial practice sessions the participants can annotate, draw or highlight on images displayed by the WolfVision Visualizer directly on an interactive whiteboard. Catherine O'Grady, Professor of Law, confirms: "The implemented technologies greatly enhance the courtroom's teaching capabilities."


Both teachers and pupils benefit from varied and lively teaching. At the Forestville Central School in New York State, every classroom has a WolfVision Visualizer, a computer, a projector and a DVD player. According to the school's technical coordinator, Michael Murphy, the WolfVision Visualizers are the most used items. "The reason they are so popular with the teachers and pupils is not just because of their ease of use. WolfVision Visualizers are extremely versatile and can be deployed in various applications throughout all school grades and subjects - in science, maths, history and reading."


The HTL School of Engineering, which is located in Bregenz in western Austria, is a widely renowned educational institution for future technicians and engineers. Dr. Matthias Hirner, who amongst other things is Professor of Physics and Computer Science, is responsible for all audio visual equipment at the college. “WolfVision Visualizers enable us to explain complicated procedures much more vividly and in fine detail. For us they are quite simply irreplaceable and it is very hard for us to imagine how we used to teach without them.”

The application of WolfVision Visualizers in schools,
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University of Idaho
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Zukunftswerkstatt, University of Applied Sciences at Ravensburg
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