vSolution MATRIX: Networked AV-based technology for active learning

vSolution MATRIX is an AV over IP-based collaboration solution from WolfVision, which uses multiple Cynap / Cynap Core units to stream video and audio between multiple screens using existing network infrastructure.

Available as a feature pack upgrade for Cynap systems, it is ideal for active learning classrooms, training rooms, and courtrooms of all sizes.

A single feature pack enabled Cynap unit, designated as the ‘main’ system in the room, is connected to multiple workstations with either a Cynap or a Cynap Core system installed. Content is shared between connected monitors and the main screen in the room with all processing performed by the installed Cynap systems themselves.

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Easy drag & drop control of multiple screens

A Cynap system at every workstation ensures an intuitive and easy-to-use collaborative working environment for all users, and the simple drag and drop interface enables content to be moved effortlessly between different screens in the room.

The Room View is used to control pushing and pulling of content between displays, and flexible configuration settings enable up to 40 workstations to be configured using either names, numbers or colours, to exactly match the actual layout of individual learning spaces.

Drag & Drop control

vSolution MATRIX key benefits

Key Benefits

Cost-effective installation

Using an existing IP network for transmission of AV signals means that there is no longer a need to maintain separate AV infrastructure. Cynap systems do not need additional encoding / decoding hardware which also means a reduction in hardware purchasing costs. Configuring vSolution MATRIX for Cynap also means that cabling requirements are reduced.

Enterprise level security features

Network security is an important factor when introducing a wireless collaboration solution into your organization. We provide a comprehensive, configurable set of security features, ensuring that vSolution MATRIX meets the security requirements of every organisation.

Easy administration and maintenance

Selecting Cynap and Cynap Core systems for your active learning classroom means less hardware, more straightforward installation plus reduced ongoing maintenance. You also have the flexibility to scale up or down easily in the future as required.

Simple to use / Drag & drop control

A Cynap system at every workstation ensures an intuitive and easy-to-use collaborative working environment for all users. The simple drag and drop interface enables content to be moved effortlessly between different screens in the room.

High performance system

Intelligent, optimised processing of streams, ensures high quality video and audio with low latency, and a moderate bandwidth requirement. Cynap systems configured with the vSolution MATRIX feature pack provide all the performance and reliability associated with traditional AV distribution methods.



Feature Pack option. Activate on a single Cynap system to enable network AV functionality
between multiple Cynap and Cynap Core systems

Number of Cynap systems requiring vSolution MATRIX Feature Pack


Maximum number of Cynap / Cynap Core stations in room


Additional encoders / decoders required


Touchscreen compatibility


Maximum stream resolution


Annotation (Collaboration Mode)

All connected stations can annotate on a single document. Content is moderated, and
annotations from specific stations can be shown or hidden as required.

Control options

Browser-based control with user-defined Room View layout

Customisable Room View layout

Yes, drag & drop configurator with user-defined stations labelled using names, numbers
or colours

Room View Templates

Yes, up to 5 templates can be saved for installations using multiple room layouts

Define groups for screen content sharing

Yes, content sharing to groups from main screen possible for up to 5 pre-defined groups

Station Power On / Power Off feature


Show Screen / Show All Screens feature

Yes, status of currently displayed content on a specific screen or all screens can be checked
via the Room View

Sharing content between multiple screens

Yes, push from the main station to a single client station or to all stations. Pull content from
single stations to the main screen

Encrypted file sharing from main station to client stations

Yes, either to a single station or to all stations. Receipt of files is notified by a pop-up.
Alternatively the Auto Open File option can be enabled in the settings

Network requirements

1 Gigabit Ethernet

IP Multicast Group Address range to

Switch requirement

1 Gigabit Ethernet, Layer 2 or Layer 3 with enabled IGMP snooping




Audio can be activated on the student stations.

Management tools, remote setup, update and management

vSolution Link software for Windows & Mac OS provides admin support including centralised firmware upgrades, checking the state of a Cynap and Wake-on-LAN. A settings
profile can be created and distributed to multiple Cynap systems.

Security authentication for LAN

IEEE 802.1X

Encryption of all wireless content (WLAN)

WEP, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise or IEEE 802.1X

Please refer to Cynap & Cynap Core specifications for individual Cynap/Cynap Core system capabilities
Design and specifications subject to change

vSolution Matrix


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