Keeping your data safe

Sophisticated processes ensure appropriate levels of security

Products used

Security by design

We take the subject of security for all our products extremely seriously, and have developed sophisticated processes that are used throughout the design, testing, and manufacturing processes, to ensure that appropriate levels of security are made available in our products that are supplied to customers.

We take a ‘security by design’ approach to hardware and software development, and strive to keep systems as free from vulnerabilities, and impervious to attacks as possible. This is achieved through pro-active measures such as continuous testing, authentication safeguards, and adherence to best available programming practices.

Systems are easily remote managed using our vSolution Link Pro software, which can either be installed on-premise or on a your own cloud-based virtual server (Microsoft Azure or AWS). 


Enterprise level security

The Cynap custom-built, closed, Linux system offers 100% wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customisable security features to give you exactly the level of protection you require. 

For more information please read our security whitepaper, and visit our Support Area to check out more detailed information on product configuration.


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Download our Cynap Security Whitepaper for all the information you need.

Cynap Security Whitepaper
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