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Device-agnostic, multi-screen, multi-source, AVoIP wireless classroom technology solutions

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App-free dongle-free wireless classrooms

Today's students expect modern wireless classrooms to be seamless and tech-savvy. They demand an environment where connecting devices is effortless, without apps or dongles, promoting efficient learning and fostering collaboration, all the while keeping pace with the rapid advancements of the digital age.

WolfVision Cynap systems enable easy BYOD wireless connectivity for laptops, smartphones and tablets of all types. When combined with our vSolution MATRIX software, onscreen content materials are easy to manage, and can be shared easily between multiple workstations in the classroom.

Simple drag-and-drop control of multi-source content

Teachers and students seek intuitive interfaces with instant access to resources. A classroom where barriers to technology are minimized means more time focusing on content and interaction. They value spaces that adapt to diverse learning styles and needs, emphasizing real-time feedback and fostering creativity. 

WolfVision systems enable content to be accessed from virtually anywhere, such as from a personal device, cloud storage, a connected network drive or USB stick. With simple drag-and-drop gestures facilitating the easy distribution and sharing of content, there are no steep learning curves to climb in before you can use a WolfVision-equipped active learning classroom.


Ultimately, WolfVision active learning solutions provide the simplicity, flexibility, and a touch of the future in learning environments that students expect.

Solutions Architect - WolfVision

Flexible design for up to 40 workstations

Every classroom is different and flexibility and scalability are essential. WolfVision Cynap / MATRIX systems support up to 40 workstations, and workstation content is easily controlled using a custom-designed 'Room View'. Multiple room layout templates can even be created and stored enabling maximum flexibility, and in this way WolfVision systems can also support divisible classroom requirements, helping to maximise the use of available teaching space.