Hybrid classroom AV for active learning

Using Cynap systems to ensure a consistent collaborative learning experience

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Extending the physical classroom

Active learning classrooms adopt a unique layout where students learn in small groups usually sitting around workstations. Students use their own personal devices to connect wirelessly to pod-based display screens. The central teaching station displays content on multiple screens. 

Materials may be shown on the main display, group monitors, or simultaneously across the room. Depending on the individual room there are typically between 4-40 workstations, promoting easy collaboration. 

With increasing demand for the flexibility of remote learning , active learning classrooms now often incorporate video conferencing technologies like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The key essential is ensuring that a hybrid model delivers a consistent learning experience for both in-person and online students while allowing traditional face-to-face instruction.

This presents challenges in an active learning environment.


WolfVision solutions for hybrid learning

Our Cynap / vSolution MATRIIX AVoIP-based presentation and collaboration systems are ideally suited for active learning spaces. Supporting up to 40 individual workstations they help to create interactive learning environments of any size.

Because Cynap's multi-functional capability also includes web conferencing, the reach of the physical classroom can be extended easily to encompass remote-located participants. With the flexibility to share all content with both in-room and remote located students, the learning experience remains consistent and no compromises need to be made when teaching a hybrid class.

Wireless screen sharing capability ensures easy connectivity for every laptop, smartphone or tablet, and when the classroom is in hybrid mode, all onscreen content can be seen by both in-room and remote students. 

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