Wireless presentation made easy!

Hassle-free screen sharing for all laptops, smartphones and tablet PCs

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Wireless screen mirroring using any device

WolfVision Cynap systems offer outstanding BYOD wireless screen sharing to a main display. 

With support for AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast mirroring protocols, there's no need for extra apps, dongles, or software to display your content from any laptop, smartphone or tablet PC. It's an ideal solution for visitors to your courtrooms who may need an easy way to share content onto in-room displays.

All models in the Cynap product line are simple to use ensuring that technology challenges never get in the way of courtroom processes.

Cynap product line overview


Up to 4 different devices can connect

WolfVision Cynap systems enable up to four devices to connect at the same time to a Cynap, and share content wirelessly to the main display screen.

You not only get rid of your cables, and eliminate connection problems, you also increase the possibilities for how content is displayed in the courtroom. 

For example, multiple items could easily be displayed alsongside a separate window for video conferencing during a remote witness testimony.