Can you display evidence of all types onscreen?

HIgh quality onscreen display of physical evidence for both in-room and remote court participants

Products used

Physical evidence placed under a WolfVision document camera and enlarged onscreen, helps attorneys to create powerful arguments. 

Our systems are well-known for their unrivalled imaging quality. They deliver high resolution throughout the entire picture, true-to-life colors, and consistently high frame rates to ensure smoothness of motion. They have fast and accurate autofocus and zoom, and give high-quality, dependable results every time! 

When used together with our Cynap systems, you can enjoy an end-to-end system for presentation and management of both analog and digital judicial evidence that is second to none.


Consistent viewing of judicial evidence for both in-person and remote court attendees

With increasing numbers of court hearings including online participants, it's essential to factor in presentation of evidence to remote audiences

WolfVision Visualizer systems are robust and easy to use, and deliver onscreen images in outstanding quality. A consistent onscreen viewing experience for everybody is vital to ensure that integrity of courtroom proccesses is maintained, and this includes ensuring that pictures are readily available when streamed out for live or on-demand viewing.