Streamlining administration

Convenient remote management of all Cynap family and Visualizer systems

Products used

Easy remote management and administration for Cynap and Visualizer devices

Our vSolution Link Pro software is available free of charge and without recurring license fees. It enables management of all vSolution Cynap family and WolfVision Visualizer systems across multiple locations. The software is available for Windows Server, Windows Desktop, and macOS.  

Additionally, Cynap systems can also be administered using a version for cloud-based virtual server (Microsoft Azure or AWS). Securely accessible from any location, vSolution Link Pro is an essential tool, especially useful where large numbers of WolfVision systems need to be managed remotely.


Key features and functionality

vSolution Link Pro enables the following:

  • Setup of local administrators, and assignment of devices
  • Allocation of tags and location information for convenient device organisation and management
  • Updating firmware for either single or multiple devices
  • Rollout of settings to multiple Cynap systems
  • Backup and restore of Cynap settings
  • Creation of settings templates for easy backup, restore, and rollout to multiple devices
  • Monitoring the status of Cynap and Visualizer systems
  • Export of an inventory list of all connected devices