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The most important factors for successful training sessions, meetings and presentations are quite simple to name, but not so easy to implement. It is essential for the presenter to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, to present effectively, to create interest, to encourage excitement and to captivate the participants. The WolfVision Visualizer optimally supports the skills and efforts of the presenter in making a meaningful connection and communication with the audience. Any unnecessary distractions are avoided and the concentration level of the participants maintained. Spontaneous interaction becomes possible when photos, documents and objects are digitised and magnified in front of the audience, creating a very tangible and vivid experience that leaves a lasting impression.

A simple handling concept – concentrate on the basics

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, said Leonardo da Vinci, in a time when life was nowhere near as fast-paced or complex as it is today. In the complicated modern world, making the operation of the WolfVision Visualizer simple is our greatest challenge. In addition to providing crystal-clear image reproduction, ease-of-operation is the very best service that we can offer our clients. The user-oriented design results in user-friendly, intuitive operation, and the inclusion of sensors, along with a fully-automated system, means much less work for the presenter.

Visualizer for meetings and conferences

Meetings and conferences

Nowadays, flexibility is more necessary than ever, and it is essential that modern audio visual technology support such a demand. Annie Brink-Koch, Managing Director of Videnpark, says: “The WolfVision Visualizer is a worthwhile investment. It saves our people a considerable amount of time, effort and material in presenting their documents or products. Their preparation time ahead of the meeting has been considerably reduced; they no longer need to think about producing transparencies or making photocopies to hand out, and they don't have to expect interruptions when things are passed around during a meeting. The participants are provided with large and clear images of everything they place on the WolfVision Visualizer."


As knowledge becomes obsolete very quickly these days, it is all the more important to keep up to date and train employees on a regular basis. Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional audio-visual system products. By focusing on delivering first-class service, support and solutions, they have also become one of the world's leading training centres in the professional audio-visual industry. Jim Clements, Director of Education at Extron, emphasises: “WolfVision Visualizers have contributed considerably to making our training sessions at Extron efficient and interesting. The high quality of WolfVision Visualizers goes well with our products and the image we are aiming to present at Extron."

Videoconferencing & telepresence

Video conferencing enables efficient collaboration over wide distances. It is an indispensable tool for global operations as it reduces travel costs and accelerates working processes. The integration of a WolfVision Visualizer further improves the efficiency of video conferencing. Ralf Schwenger, Director of R&D at Head Sport, says: “For us the video conferencing system is an ideal supplement to e-mail. We now send an e-mail covering the respective information in advance and then discuss everything together via video conferencing. The addition of the WolfVision Visualizer has considerably reduced communication misunderstandings.”

Visualizers and interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards connect digital and analogue presentations by linking the presentation surface with a computer. This is an important feature at Tukes, the technology security agency for the Finnish Ministry of Economy. Tero-Jukka Koskinen, System Analyst at Tukes, emphasises: “The ability to spontaneously select presentation content from our intranet during meetings, combine this with the 3D object on the table and then immediately save the feedback from the resulting discussion has proven to be extremely advantageous. No time-consuming preparation is necessary and the entire process is quick and straightforward.”

The initial impression of high quality never goes away

“Small things make perfection, but perfection is no small thing.” A citation from Federick Henry Royce, the pioneering car manufacturer, who, together with his partner Charles Stewart Rolls, founded the legendary Rolls-Royce company. Such a comparison may well sound far-fetched or even presumptuous. However, the fact is that not every Visualizer is distinguished by timeless, user-oriented design, and not every Visualizer can boast hand-made production. The WolfVision Visualizer is such a design and can make such a claim. Every stage of the production process is controlled by specialists who are personally responsible for the quality of each unit produced. The keyword is quality and it is the main objective. WolfVision is very proud of the result which, in turn, has led to an exceptionally high degree of customer satisfaction.


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Corporate training and education

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