RMA Terms and Policies

Terms and Polices for an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization)

Authorization and Handling

A unit shipped to WolfVision for any reason will not be accepted unless an RMA number has been issued. ​

An RMA number is received after contacting WolfVision Technical Support and filling out the online RMA Completion Form. If the RMA process is initiated but the form is not completed and/or the unit is not shipped within 30 days, the potential RMA will be canceled. Shipping instructions are given upon completion of the form.

​The RMA number should be included on the label of the shipped unit and referenced in any communications.

The proper packaging of units is essential for safe shipment. Please refer to the section below on Packaging Instructions.

There are also sections on Repair Charges and Shipping Charges.


Packaging Instructions

Whenever possible, a unit should be packaged for shipment in its original packing materials. All units need protective packaging when being shipped. A soft case does not constitute sufficient protective packaging. WolfVision is not responsible for shipping damages incurred when a unit is shipped with insufficient protective packaging. The RMA number issued by WolfVision should be marked on the exterior of the shipping package. For repairs, do not include remote controls, power supplies or other accessories, unless you have been specifically directed to do so.​

Units should be shipped to the following address:

WolfVision Technical Service
RMA# xxxx
2055 Sugarloaf Circle, Suite 125
Duluth, GA 30097


Repair​ of previously-operating Units

Before a unit is returned for repair, it is necessary to follow the steps for "New Repairs" listed on the Support Page. As noted above, if the unit is not received within 30 days, the RMA will be canceled and the Repair Issue will be closed. There may or may not be charges for the repair, depending upon the warranty status of the unit (See Repair Charges, below). If there are charges, an invoice will be sent via email to the person indicated as the Primary Contact in the online RMA form. Those charges must be paid before the repaired unit is returned to the customer. When the Repaired Unit's invoice is paid and the Repair issue is closed, an email notification is sent to the customer with tracking information for the shipped unit.


Repair​ Charges

A unit under warranty will be repaired free-of-charge. WolfVision Visualizers have 5-year warranties. WolfVision Cynap units have 3-year basic warranties which may be extended up to a total of 5 years, at an additional charge. For all warranty details, please see Terms of Warranty. For a warrantied repair, the customer is only responsible for shipping the unit to WolfVision at their own expense. Once the warranty period has expired, the customer pays for repairs:

The cost of a non-warranty repair will be charged to the customer, including labor, parts and shipping costs.

An invoice for repair charges will be sent to the customer.

The customer is required to pay for the repair charges, via credit card, before the repaired unit is returned. WolfVision does not accept checks or purchase orders as payment for parts and service.


Shipping​ Charges

The customer is responsible for shipping the unit to WolfVision at their own cost. (Please follow the Packaging Instructions.)

A repaired unit will be returned to the customer via Ground Shipment services, unless special arrangements have been made with WolfVision.

For the repair of a unit under warranty, the cost of this return-shipment from WolfVision to customer will be paid by WolfVision.

For the repair of a unit beyond its warranty period, the cost of return-shipment will be charged to the customer.


Replacement/Exchange of damaged, newly-purchased Units

Newly-purchased units that arrive to the customer in a non-functional status are eligible for replacement with another unit. At the discretion of WolfVision and under special circumstances, less-recently-purchased units in need of repair may be eligible for exchange with another unit. In all cases, an RMA must be issued before the return of the damaged unit. The replacement unit will be sent from WolfVision immediately. The damaged unit should be returned to WolfVision as soon as possible. If the damaged unit is not received within 10 business days, the customer will be charged for the replacement unit.

Only WolfVision Authorized Resellers may return a purchased unit to WolfVision for credit, and only if returned unopened and within 30 days of purchase. End-users must make any arrangements for returns with their dealer. Returned units are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. An RMA must be issued prior to the return of the unit. Credit for returned units is confirmed by the WolfVision's Orders Department.