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vSolution App: Get more from your WolfVision systems

WolfVision systems do not require the use of dongles, additional apps or software before they can be used. However there are a number of useful features such as recording content material onto a mobile device from a Cynap, or remote controlling a Visualizer via a smartphone or tablet, that we make available via our vSolution App.


vSolution Cast: Screen mirroring for Windows devices!

Using our vSolution Cast software for Windows laptops and tablets in combination with a Cynap System, enables screen content from these devices to be quickly and easily mirrored to a display screen. The software can be run either directly from the device or via a connected USB stick or external hard drive containing the file. No installation is required, and simply double clicking the file opens a window that offers simple 'play' and 'stop' functionality.


vSolution Link Pro: Professional management tools for Visualizer and Cynap systems

vSolution Link Pro software enables management of all vSolution Cynap family and WolfVision Visualizer systems across multiple locations. 


Stand Alone Video Capture II Driver for 32 / 64-bit Windows

This is a stand alone video capture driver for Microsoft Windows, which can be used without the WolfVision vSolution Link software. It can be used for older Visualizer models without UVC.

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Stand Alone Video Capture II Driver for 32- and 64-bit Windows