Petroleum Development Oman

Ceiling Visualizer systems in the oil & gas industry

Never before has success in business been so dependent on effective knowledge sharing and collaboration between employees. The challenge for organizations is at its greatest when teams are widely dispersed across many different geographic locations. Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the largest producer of oil and gas in Oman is such an enterprise, with around 6,000 employees, and more than 35,000 contractors - with operating teams spread across most of Oman, PDO faced many communication difficulties. The solution for PDO has been the investment in more than 50 Collaborative Workspace Environments (CWEs), in order to allow remote workers in the field to communicate more efficiently with teams based in the company headquarters situated in the capital city of Muscat.

Oil and gas industry

Designed and implemented by Nasma Telecommunications, the CWEs bring the PDO teams together using a common platform, facilitating more effective communication and collaboration using state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology. One of the factors in the success of these collaborative workspaces has been the inclusion of a variety of presentation devices such as Visualizers and smart boards which greatly enhances the interactive experience. Alongside brands such as Cisco, Extron, Cyviz, Biamp, and Smartech, which are used for the various constituent parts of the CWEs, Petroleum Development Oman chose WolfVision Ceiling Visualizers to meet their exacting imaging requirements.

During videoconferencing sessions, WolfVision VZ-C123 Ceiling Visualizers provide an important element of live interaction, facilitating the flexible ‘live’ display of documents, objects and other items, giving team members critical access to important real-time information. This enables faster decision and leads to more efficient operations and lower operational expenditure. WolfVision’s Ceiling Visualizers are ideally suited to videoconferencing applications because they remain out of sight of the main room camera, and as with the PDO installations, they can even be recessed into a suspended ceiling in order for them to be ‘completely hidden’. A Synchronized Lightfield shines down onto the desktop, highlighting the pick up area of the camera, and when zooming in or out, the size of this lightfield adjusts automatically. This makes it very easy to display an item quickly and easily during collaborative work sessions.

The combination of various technologies of which WolfVision’s Visualizers are an important constituent part provide outstanding operational benefits to large organizations, as demonstrated perfectly by the Collaborative Workspace Environments currently used by Petroleum Development Oman.

Oil and gas industry


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