Combining presentation, collaboration, and room control technology

Integrate Q-SYS UCIs into selected Cynap models - Sample API modules also available for Crestron, AMX and Extron

Products used

We've teamed up with Q-SYS to offer Q-SYS User Control Interfaces (UCIs) integration for WolfVision Cynap Pro and Cynap Core Pro systems.

Q-SYS Core solutions enable room control, automation, and remote monitoring to co-exist seamlessly together with our award-winning Cynap wireless presentation and collaboration systems.

The next stage of the integration will include a pre-installed Q-SYS virtual processor which will be secure and ready for operation out of the box. It will simply require the dedicated use of the second Cynap LAN interface to function, plus a compatible Q-SYS vCore feature license. 


The dedicated IP address provides access to the Q-SYS Reflect remote monitoring and management platform (subscription sold separately, available through Q-SYS), and ensures that Q-SYS software updates can be applied as and when required, completely separately from WolfVision’s own firmware updates.

With the software running on a Cynap Pro or Cynap Core Pro device, the Q-SYS system is easily controlled and operated, either directly on the Cynap, via a HTML5 web browser, or by installing a small Q-SYS TSC Series touch panel. In this way Cynap’s multi-functional collaboration functionality, and the Q-SYS control platform can be conveniently operated using a single touchscreen.

Suitable for deployments of any size, Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor can be used to control a wide variety of enviromental devices such as audio, video, lighting, motorized blinds, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and security systems.


Sample room control APIs: Crestron, AMX, Extron

Our Visualizer and Cynap systems can communicate with room control systems or 3rd party applications over their built-in network interfaces. You can download our templates for demonstration purposes, and then adapt them to your individual setup requirements.