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An Essential Element of the Modern Courtroom

Progress in legal technology, and improvements in courtroom processes and environments are developing very quickly. WolfVision Visualizers have been at the forefront of this evolution. The perfect presentation tool for any lawyer or attorney, WolfVision Visualizers are manufactured from the finest components available - delivering unsurpassed picture quality, true-to-life color reproduction, and meticulously sharp images. Currently used in trial proceedings, arraignments, courtroom telepresence, and evidence research, WolfVision Visualizers have become a key element of the modern courtroom.

The difference between an 'innocent' or 'guilty' verdict

In any judicial proceeding, decisions and verdicts depend not only on laws and precedents, but also on the perceptions of the judges and jurors. Neither the Defense nor the Prosecution can risk their case being lost in the haze of insufficient evidence. When small details become the primary focus in a high profile case, clear evidence presentation can help to define whether the result will be a conviction or acquittal. WolfVision Visualizers allow all materials to be displayed to the court without any loss of image quality.

The application of WolfVision Visualizers in courtrooms and the legal profession Entire Visualizer Series icon PDF download


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