Using a Cynap system as a capture agent for Panopto

How can I capture multi-source content materials effectively?

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Integration of WolfVision’s Cynap systems with Panopto

WolfVision's Cynap systems integrate with the Panopto video management platform to provide a comprehensive solution for capturing and managing multi-source content, especially in universities and other educational institutions. Here's how they typically work together:

Multi-Source Content Capture: Cynap systems are designed to capture content from various sources like cameras, microphones, and digital sources (e.g., laptops, tablets). In educational settings, this means lectures can be recorded with both the lecturer's voice and all presentation content.

Integration with Panopto: Panopto is a video management platform widely used in educational institutions for recording, live streaming, and managing video content. When integrated with WolfVision's Cynap, the content captured by a Cynap can be seamlessly uploaded to Panopto.

Ease of Use: The integration aims to simplify the process of recording and uploading lectures. Instructors can start a recording on the Cynap system, which then automatically captures the lecture and syncs it with Panopto, or capture can be scheduled in advance for recording and syncing large numbers of videos.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Playback: Lectures captured by Cynap can be live-streamed through Panopto, allowing remote students to participate in real-time. Additionally, these recordings can be stored on Panopto for on-demand playback, providing students the flexibility to access lectures anytime.



Interactivity and Engagement: This integration can enhance interactivity in learning. For instance, Cynap offers features like whiteboard functionality and annotation, which can be captured and included in the Panopto videos.

Scalability and Flexibility: Such an integration is scalable to various educational settings, from small classrooms to large lecture halls. It provides flexibility in terms of the types of content that can be captured and the ways in which they can be utilized.

Content Management and Accessibility: Once in Panopto, the content can be managed efficiently – organized, edited, and shared with specific audiences. Panopto also offers features like automatic transcription, making the content more accessible.

Analytics and Insights: Educators and administrators can use Panopto's analytics tools to gain insights into how students are interacting with the content, which can inform improvements in teaching and content delivery.

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