Hybrid Meetings – supporting your hybrid workforce

Hybrid meetings - the advantages of web conferencing

Many employees are now working remotely, at least for part of their work time.

This means that situations where some work colleagues are available in-person for a meeting, and others may be remote located are becoming increasingly common. 

We've realised the advantages of web conferencing, and our smarter use of meeting technology means that we no longer have to sit in the room together in order to get the job done.

All laptops, smartphones and tablets need to be able to share content

Meeting room equipment

Balancing this combination of in-person and online working can present challenges to organisations, and in many cases existing meeting room equipment is simply not fit for purpose.

In hybrid meetings it's important that compromises are not introduced that limit our ability to collaborate effectively together. 

Multi-source content should be available in meetings

For effective meetings, we consider the following to be essential:

  • Equipment should be multi-platform and provide support for multiple web conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others.
  • Connection workflows must be simple, and identical regardless of which platform is being used.
  • Starting or joining a hybrid meeting should be possible from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Sharing content on-screen in the meeting room should be quick and easy, and not restricted to the person ‘running’ the session from their laptop.
  • All shared content from any laptop, smartphone or tablet in-room should be able to be shared easily with remote meeting participants. A consistent on-screen viewing experience for all attendees is a must. 




Content from any device should be sharable with remote meeting participants
  • Our range of Cynap systems deliver all of the above advantages.
  • No compromises are necessary when running or taking part in hybrid meetings.
  • Web conferences run directly on a Cynap so you also have the additional benefits that Cynap has to offer such as an integrated web browser, recording, webcasting, whiteboarding and annotation functionality, and much more.

Get in touch to learn more about how WolfVision Cynap wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration systems can be used to improve your hybrid meetings.

Professional solutions are needed for effective hybrid working & learning
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