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High performance on-screen display and management of digital and analogue evidence of all types, for in-person, online, and hybrid courtrooms.

WolfVision systems: Hybrid courtroom technology for the Covid-19 world & beyond

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in order to proceed with judicial activities whilst also adhering to current social distancing guidelines, courtrooms worldwide are undergoing rapid change.

WolfVision Cynap and Visualizer technology solutions can support new and upgraded hybrid courtroom setups, enabling simultaneous in-person and remote participation in court proceedings.


WolfVision Visualizers for high quality on-screen presentation of evidence.

Our systems are cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-use, and they offer a customisable range of functionality for controlled presentation of evidence, together with built-in video conferencing, streaming, wireless screen sharing, recording and annotation capability.

Considering Cynap solutions is far more than simply a response to the Covid-19 pandemic - it is also an opportunity to focus on how justice is being delivered, and how it can be improved for the longer term.

Contact us now to learn more about how our award-winning Cynap and Visualizer systems are being used to provide a consistent courtroom experience for all participants, whether attending in-person or online.

Enabling both in-person and remote participation in the court proceedings.
Delaware County Courthouse, Muncie, IN, USA: Interior view.

Delaware County Courts, Muncie, IN, USA

Presentation of evidence using CYNAP systems

Camden Courts, Georgia, USA

Camden Courts, Georgia, USA

CYNAP helps with re-opening after COVID-19 closure!

Stadelheim high security courtroom, Munich

Stadelheim Courtroom Munich

High quality on-screen display of evidence

The McGlothlin Courtroom at the College of William and Mary Department of Law.

College of William & Mary

Improving the administration of justice through technology

Interior view of Supreme Court of the State of New York

Supreme Court of the State of New York

Comprehensive and detailed presentation of evidence in court

Exterior view of Karlsruhe County Court

Karlsruhe County Court

Modern AV technology plays an essential role

The 21st century courtroom at the Arizona State University College of Law.

Arizona State University - College of Law

High quality presentation of evidence on-screen

Exterior view of Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

Cynap and Visualizers for flexible presentation of evidence.


Delaware County Courthouse, Muncie, IN, USA: Interior view.
Exterior view of Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida
The Desktop Visualizer picks up 3 dimensional objects and is then quickly and easily stored by attorneys after displaying important evidence.
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Once the staff got used to the Cynap system, they loved it. It is easy to use and so much better than our old system. We used to have just a projector and screen. This has made our courtroom look and run better. Overall, we are very pleased with the product.

Emily Anderson
Court Administrator
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Cynap handled our goals and exceeded our expectations. We have a solution that is cost-effective, easy to use and train, one wireless connection that you don‘t have to download a client or app for, and that has become self-supportive.

Paul Pridemore
Senior Audio Visual Engineer, Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

Visualizers are on top of the list. The WolfVision units are the only ones considered for this project because the image quality is by far the best on the market.

Brian DiGiovanna
Special Advisor for Courtroom Technology, Supreme Court of the State of New York
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