First WolfVision vSolution MATRIX installation in Ireland at Dublin City University


Preparing students for the challenges of nursing.

Dublin City University (DCU)  is a university based on the Northside of Dublin, Ireland. The university supports around 17,400 students and 1,700 staff across its Glasnevin, St Patrick’s, and All Hallows campuses. The School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health (SNPCH), located on the Glasnevin campus has gained worldwide recognition for the quality of its programmes of study in nursing, health & society, psychotherapy and sexuality studies, at Bachelor, Masters, Doctorate and PhD levels.

The Clinical Education Centre (CEC) at DCU is designed to enable students to learn the clinical skills of nursing in a safe, supportive and realistic environment. The clinical skills lab comprises a large ward area plus five adjacent interconnected rooms where students learn the clinical, technical, and interpersonal skills of nursing. Simulation-based learning is used to provide a safe and effective way to prepare students for the challenges of nursing. Learning space audio-visual systems play a crucial role here, distributing onscreen images and video between the various rooms. Previously installed systems had limited functionality, and were complex to use, and DCU were looking for a new system that would transform advanced skills teaching and learning. 

The plan for digital transformation of the CEC would align with the strategic focus of DCU’s SATLE ( Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement) by promoting active engagement with digital learning. Teachers would be able to conduct classes from any part of the room and not be restricted to the front of the classroom, promoting high levels of interaction between teachers and students, fostering a robust technology-supported atmosphere of collaborative learning. This project was significant to the University as it could be used as an exemplar for other programs and Schools who are seeking to transform skills education and teaching.

Main teaching area in the Clinical Skills lab at DCU.
Main teaching area in the Clinical Skills lab at DCU.

vSolution MATRIX active learning classroom collaboration system

To meet their exacting requirements, DCU has installed a five workstation WolfVision vSolution MATRIX active learning classroom collaboration system – the first installation of its kind anywhere in Ireland. Already used in many of the world’s leading universities, the new system utilises WolfVision’s Cynap Pro device as a master system in the main teaching area, and with AVoIP technology, streams audio and video over network infrastructure to a Cynap Core Pro device installed in each of the five additional rooms.

Simple drag-and-drop controls enable content to be shared onscreen between any or all of the rooms. Connected IP cameras in each room can video demonstrations and practical work which is then used for discussion, interaction and assessment. Full HD video content can be recorded and/or streamed between any of the rooms. When streaming, DCU found the video streams to be virtually free of latency, avoiding any synchronisation issues that might occur when performing intricate procedures such as suturing. The in-room Panasonic and Samsung 65-inch screens display up to 4 different content sources at the same time, providing students and teachers alike with outstanding flexibility when collaborating together.


We have been very impressed with the vSolution MATRIX system from WolfVision. It truly is a ready-to-go, all-in-one, out of the box solution, and configuration and setup were problem free.

Senior Technical Officer - Dublin City University

Intuitive operation for students and teachers

The Room View displayed on a Dell 24” touchscreen monitor in the main teaching space has been customised to accurately represent the actual layout of the CEC. It is extremely intuitive to operate, and onscreen content is simply dragged and dropped between the various rooms as required. Teachers always know how the session is progressing as all onscreen activity in any of the rooms can be viewed on the preview monitor located in the main room. Wireless connectivity is also available, which allows content from any laptop, smartphone or tablet PC to be easily shared onscreen. Support for AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast mirroring protocols means that no pre-installation of apps or additional software, or usage of dongles is required. 

No matter whether Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Chrome OS devices are brought to the class, all are able to share content to the display screens in the room when required. The ability to display and share up to 4 different content sources onscreen, gives students great flexibility, and enables them to access and engage with content in the format that works best for them. 

Cynap‘s interactive features and the possibility for integration with educational apps, allows learners to engage with content in ways that are useful and relevant to them. This helps to maintain motivation and interest, which is particularly important for learners with special needs. Onscreen video can be frozen and notes and annotations added to add value to the onscreen content, and a digital whiteboard can also be opened for making additional notes. Cynap allows learners to demonstrate their understanding of content in a variety of ways, including drawing, writing, and voice recording, and this accommodates students who find written expression difficult, as well as those who prefer alternative forms of communication. 

The Room View allows teachers to see what content is being displayed in any of the rooms. Content can then be pulled to the main display, or pushed to any or all of the other rooms.
The Room View allows teachers to see what content is being displayed in any of the rooms. Content can then be pulled to the main display, or pushed to any or all of the other rooms.

With the new system we have far more flexibility than we ever had before. It fully meets the School‘s and DCU‘s requirements for implementation of Universal Design for Learning in current and future programmes.

Senior Technical Officer - Dublin City University

vSolution COMPOSER: Drag-and-drop content handling for dual screen setups

The main teaching area also uses WolfVision vSolution COMPOSER dual screen content management feature for Cynap Pro, which enables content to be prepared and previewed on a connected touchscreen display attached to the third HDMI out port on the Cynap Pro. Easy drag-and-drop gestures enable the content to be shown on either of the in-room displays as and when required – and also distributed to any of the adjacent rooms when required. 

Installation of the new system was straightforward, and could be accomplished in a matter of hours without any requirement for additional third-party programming. 

With six Cynap units in use, the system is also easy to administer using WolfVision’s vSolution Link Pro remote management software. vSolution MATRIX is a flexible system which can be configured to suit rooms of any size. Easy scalability means that up to 40 Cynap Core Pros could theoretically be deployed if required, and this would still only require a single Cynap Pro to operate as the master station. Currently recordings are only made using the Cynap Pro in the main teaching space, but the five Cynap Core Pro units can be configured to offer local recording capability by way of a feature pack upgrade, and this could be the next step for DCU to provide recording functionality in all rooms. 

Cynap is designed to be both flexible, and customizable and this allows teachers to adapt classroom sessions to the needs of individual learners. For example, if separate breakout rooms are needed, the extra five rooms can operate independently when required. If student numbers increase, DCU has the ability to stream to additional rooms. 

The WolfVision system is easy to use, but the AV Department are conducting monthly training sessions for the first year to ensure all users are trained in how best to use the room, and leverage the additional flexibility that is now available to both students and teachers. 

vSolution COMPOSER enables simple control of content on dual display screens. Content can be prepared in advance and then drag-and-dropped onto either left or right screens as required.
vSolution COMPOSER enables simple control of content on dual display screens. Content can be prepared in advance and then drag-and-dropped onto either left or right screens as required.

We want to provide the students with the best possible education facilities possible for their training. Anything that can help them to acquire the skills they need for their nursing careers is a huge benefit for us - and we consider the Cynap MATRIX system to be a good step in the right direction on the path to achieve this.

Senior Technical Officer - Dublin City University

Products used

Cynap Pro

Powerful new rack-mountable model - AV centrepiece for classrooms, meeting spaces and courtrooms. Eliminates the need for racks full of equipment or an additional room control system. Also operates as main station for vSolution MATRIX active learning / evidence presentation solution.

  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Multi-platform web conferencing (Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC)
  • BYOM web meetings
  • Recording & webcasting capability
  • Panopto compatible capture agent
  • Remote management tools
  • 2x HDMI Inputs
  • Document & media player
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • vSolution MATRIX main station
Präsentationssystem & Kollaborationssystem Cynap Core Pro, Frontansicht flacher
Cynap Core Pro

Award-winning wireless presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration system with all features of Cynap Pure Pro plus a comprehensive suite of additional collaboration tools.

  • Multi-platform web conferencing (Zoom, MS Teams, WebRTC)
  • BYOM web meetings
  • Functions as vSolution MATRIX client station
  • Optional capture agent for the Panopto video management platform
  • Optional webcasting and local recording functionality
  • HDMI In for additional connection possibilities
  • Microsoft 365 integration as standard
vSolution MATRIX

Feature pack upgrade enabling Cynap Pro / Cynap Core Pro to stream video between multiple screens.

  • The original AVoIP collaboration solution
  • Simple to use
  • 40 workstation capacity
  • Drag & drop set up & control

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