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WolfVision evidence presentation systems for in-person, hybrid & virtual courts

Evidence presentation system for in-person, hybrid & virtual courts from WolfVision.

New multi-platform web conferencing feature added to Cynap systems

Firmware release version v1.52j brings new features and functionality

Hybrid Meetings – supporting your hybrid workforce

In hybrid meetings it's important that compromises are not introduced that limit our ability to collaborate effectively together.

8 façons de rendre votre classe hybride vraiment efficace !

Les défis posés par Covid-19 ont contraint presque tous les établissements d'enseignement à agir rapidement, en introduisant des technologies pour déplacer l'apprentissage en ligne. Nous examinons certaines des façons de fournir une expérience d'apprentissage cohérente aux étudiants en classe et à distance.

Supporting hybrid learning - today and for the future

A consistent learning experience for both in-classroom & remote students

Best uses for a document camera in 2022

The new hybrid world means we’re all making far more online presentations than ever before, and there’s never been a better time to put a document camera to good use. Current WolfVision systems support the UVC standard enabling hassle-free plug-and-play, high performance on-screen display of ‘live’ content materials for in-classroom, online, and hybrid learning, meeting room and courtroom usage.

Bringing hybrid classes & meetings to life

Simply use your WolfVision Visualizer to transform the quality of your online on-screen content material.