Easy wireless screen sharing for meeting rooms

Cynap Pure Mini: Driving creativity to a new level

Simple wireless presentation for collaborative working

Introducing WolfVision technology into your meeting room makes wireless screen sharing easier than ever before. 

Sharing your ideas and presentations onto a central display screen from any laptop, smartphone or tablet, gives your teams endless flexibility to collaborate together. 

Cynap Pure Mini from WolfVision offers award-winning ease of use that sets it apart from any other system.

  • Up to 4 windows can be shared onto the main screen at the same time
  • Wireless sharing works for all laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • The touchback feature even lets you control your Windows laptop remotely while working on a large touchscreen display




No apps, no dongles, no hassle

  • Simple screen mirroring of either images or videos including audio
  • No apps, no dongles, or additional software installation needed
  • No more cables, no adapters, and no IT issues




Maximum ease of use

  • Award-winning GUI used throughout our range of wireless presentation systems
  • Easy and secure wireless connectivity with support for AirPlay, Miracast, or Chromecast
  • Maximum data security with 100% end-to-end encryption






Wireless BYOD screen sharing using WolfVision Cynap systems

Designed for collaborative working

  • Going wireless means you can screen share content from anywhere in the room
  • Collaborative working using Cynap Pure Mini is far more than simply removing the cables from your meeting room
  • Experience the enhanced possibilities for innovation and collaboration that result when you can easily open up to 4 windows at the same time on the same screen






Plug-and-play setup and easy administration

  • Centralized remote cloud management for single or multiple rooms
  • Simple setup, configurable options, easy administration
  • Compact, cost-effective, scalable
  • Free firmware updates, and no license fees for transparent TCO
  • 3 years warranty (with the option to extend to 5 years)
  • Separate your internal corporate and guest networks for extra security
  • Low bandwidth requirement, ideal for all network environments

Screen sharing for meeting rooms & huddle spaces

  • Compact, hassle-free BYOD wireless presentation
  • Compact, and easy to use
  • Supports all laptops smartphones and tablets offering wireless presentation capability for everybody in the room!
  • Easy-to-use wireless connection using wireless technology already built into laptops and other mobile devices.
  • Up to 4 windows on-screen together provides limitless possibilities for flexible collaboration
  • Award-winning user interface, the same as on our top-of-the-line models
  • 100% encryption of data

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