New multi-platform web conferencing feature added to Cynap systems

Firmware release version v1.52j brings new features and functionality

Introducing multi-platform web conferencing

Firmware update v1.52j includes the new multi-platform web conferencing solution, which runs directly on a Cynap. It is available for Cynap, Cynap Pro, Cynap Core Pro, Cynap Core, and Cynap Pure Pro, and supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other Web-RTC-based conferencing services.

Using a Cynap for web conferencing solves many of the issues most commonly experienced with BYOM web conferencing systems. Complex multi-step setup, and bandwidth issues are avoided and content materials from any laptop, smartphone or tablet are easily shared with both in-room and remote web conferencing participants. 

Check the video to see exactly how it works.


Key advantages of multi-platform web conferencing:

  • Multi-platform is desirable because very few organisations are only using a single platform
  • Connection workflows are simple, and identical regardless of which platform is being used
  • Starting or joining a hybrid session is possible from any laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Sharing content on-screen is quick and easy, and is not restricted to the person ‘running’ the session from their laptop
  • All shared content from any laptop, smartphone or tablet in the room can be shared with remote session participants.
Multi-source content should be available in meetings

WolfVision Cynap firmware update v1.52 details

Release date: March 31, 2022

Cynap family firmware is updated regularly. New firmware version v1.52j for Cynap, Cynap Core, Cynap Core Pro, Cynap Pure Pro, Cynap Pure and Cynap Pure Receiver contains the following improvements:

  • Added new multi-platform web conferencing and authentication mechanism ( All models except Cynap Pure, Pure Receiver)
  • Added support for Local Recording and Webcasting (Optional Capture Feature Pack) (Cynap Core Pro)
  • Changed Panopto Authentication (Cynap, Cynap Core Pro, Cynap Core)
  • Cloud services - file loading times reduced (All models except Cynap Pure, Pure Reciever)
  • Added support for multiple pre-defined browser start pages (All models except Cynap Pure, Pure Receiver)
  • Admin settings now available in German (All models)
  • Added support for Japanese (JIS) keyboard (All models)
  • Various bugfixes and improvements (All models)
WolfVision Cynap firmware updates
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