Feature Packs for Cynap Systems

Microsoft 365 Feature Pack

The optional Microsoft 365 Feature Pack incorporates a Microsoft Teams Client into Cynap Pure Pro. Microsoft 365 integration is included as standard on Cynap, Cynap Core Pro, and Cynap Core models.

The Microsoft 365 Feature Pack incorporates a Microsoft Teams Client, and provides access to other popular Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote (active Microsoft 365 account required). Files are easy to open, work on collaboratively, and share with teammates. 

Microsoft 365 Feature Pack

Capture Feature Pack

An optional Capture Feature Pack is available for Cynap Core Pro. This enables the device to operate as a capture agent for Panopto, and other compatible video management platforms, for secure, reliable, scheduling, processing, management, and intelligent distribution of academic and corporate video recordings.

Note: Capture agent functionality is a standard feature of the larger Cynap model.

Lecture Capture Featurepack Cynap