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Soluciones AV para las Salas de Justicia del Mañana Hoy

Este artículo explora cómo la tecnología AV está transformando las salas de justicia hoy en día, asegurando que el poder judicial pueda satisfacer las demandas de la justicia moderna.

Supporting hybrid learning - today and for the future

A consistent learning experience for both in-classroom & remote students

Easy wireless screen sharing for meeting rooms

Introducing WolfVision technology into your meeting room makes wireless screen sharing easier than ever before. 

Courtroom AV technology solutions

Evidence presentation system for in-person, hybrid & virtual courts from WolfVision.

New multi-platform web conferencing feature added to Cynap systems

Firmware release version v1.52j brings new features and functionality

Bringing hybrid classes & meetings to life

Simply use your WolfVision Visualizer to transform the quality of your online on-screen content material.

Best uses for a document camera in 2023

The new hybrid world means we’re all making far more online presentations than ever before, and there’s never been a better time to put a document camera to good use. Current WolfVision systems support the UVC standard enabling hassle-free plug-and-play, high performance on-screen display of ‘live’ content materials for in-classroom, online, and hybrid learning, meeting room and courtroom usage.

7 ways to make your hybrid classroom really work!

Almost all higher education institutions have introduced an element of online teaching / hybrid learning modality. We take a look at some of the ways to provide a consistent learning experience for all students.

The shift to hybrid courtroom technology

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, courtrooms worldwide are undergoing rapid change.