Courtroom AV technology solutions

Evidence presentation system for in-person and hybrid courtrooms

Key advantages of WolfVision courtroom systems

  • Easy-to-use, AVoIP evidence presentation, web conferencing, and distribution solution for courtrooms
  • Judges stay in control of evidence presentation at all times
  • Cost-effective technology - no racks full of equipment or room control system needed
  • Cynap as centrepiece AV appliance, runs vSolution MATRIX connected to Cynap Pure Receivers and WolfVision Visualizer providing versatile end-to-end, all-in-one multi-source, digital and analogue evidence presentation system
  • Hybrid courtrooms remain popular because they bring greater efficiencies
  • Hybrid workflows save time, make scheduling easier, and help to reduce backlogs.

Preserving the integrity of the court process

  • Using ‘Preview’, ‘Publish’, and ‘Stop Sharing’ options, the judge, or clerk of the court uses simple drag and drop movements to push on-screen content for the judge to preview, or for jury, plaintiff, or defence attorneys to view.
  • Judges decide if evidence is admissible, and ‘Protected Mode’ ensures that attorneys cannot send on-screen content directly to a jury for viewing.
  • Electronic evidence is distributed using either wireless presentation, or via a wired HDMI connection. Physical materials are shown via the document camera.
  • Presented evidence can also be distributed outside of the physical courtroom during virtual court sessions.

Presenting evidence from any source

  • Wireless connectivity using any laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Support for AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast means no apps or dongles are needed
  • Live evidence is placed on the document camera
  • Wired HDMI In available for judges, and attorneys who wish to use a cable
  • Attorneys can also bring evidence on a USB stick and submit it to the judge
  • Touchscreen annotation is available at the witness stand.
  • Content is moderated and controlled using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Supporting Virtual Courts

  • Web conferencing via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or WebRTC-based services.
  • WolfVision's vSolution App simplifies the web conferencing workflow making it quick and easy for the clerk of the court or judge to control.
  • Simply adding a Cynap Pure Pro wireless presentation and collaboration system to external locations such as a jail, extends the physical courtroom. For example, greater efficiency is achieved when prisoners can attend arraignments remotely via web conference.

Maximum Security in the courtroom

  • The system is always used in ‘Protected Mode’ to prevent unwanted or mis-timed display of evidence materials
  • Wireless signal strength can be adjusted to create only a small area of connectivity around the attorney tables. This prevents unauthorized attempts to disrupt court proceedings.
  • Separate networks for court personnel and external visitors maintains security
  • All wireless content is 100% encrypted
  • On completion of the court session, no information is stored on a any WolfVision system.

Installation advantages

  • Cost-effective – no more racks full of equipment needed
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ease of use keeps training requirements to a minimum
  • Customisable peripheral controls take care of the tasks that would normally require a room control system. Reduces cost, reduces number of boxes.
  • Less boxes means fewer potential points of failure
  • Easy integration with other infrastructure such as IP cameras, audio, & recording equipment.
  • Eliminate compatibility issues between devices. All core functionality is performed using WolfVision systems
  • Standard design already widely used. Simply adjust the number of Cynap Pure Receivers needed, depending on how many extra screens are required in the room.
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