Cynap Pure Pro: Supporting the new hybrid workplace

Wireless presentation, web conferencing. and collaboration

Wireless conferencing & collaboration made easy!

In the new 'hybrid world', where many of us now switching seamlessly between in-office and remote working, a Cynap Pure Pro in your meeting space is an essential tool - providing easy-to-use collaboration technology, offering a consistent user experience for both in-person and remote meeting participants.

 A high-performance, award-winning, all-in-one presentation, web conferencing, and collaboration solution, Cynap Pure Pro connects wirelessly with all laptops and mobile devices, offering BYOD screen mirroring, plus built-in web conferencing, combined with a range of popular collaboration tools.


Using Cynap Pure Pro to bring your own meeting

For a completely ‘touchless’ in-person meeting experience simply launch your Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex or other WebRTC meeting directly from your own laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Web conferencing runs natively on your Cynap Pure Pro in contrast to some alternative solutions, you can forget about any connectivity, bandwidth or latency issues. 

Running your meeting on your Cynap Pure Pro means you can also use Cynap’s award-winning, easy-to-use, user interface to share any multi-source, multi-window content material on-screen during online sessions.

Web conferencing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebRTC

No apps, no dongles, no cables, no hassle

Cynap Pure Pro supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast BYOD wireless screen mirroring protocols, so no apps, dongles, or extra software are needed when your sharing content on-screen from any brand of laptop, smartphone or tablet during meetings.

Wireless BYOD screen sharing using WolfVision Cynap systems

Innovation in collaboration

Working together is easier than ever before using the built-in annotation, whiteboard, web browser, and media player functions, and the Microsoft Teams integration means files are easy to access, work on and share with colleagues at all times.

Only WolfVision systems are able to offer a true app-free, dongle-free, hassle-free meeting environment.

Enterprise level security

Network security is a key consideration, and our custom-built, closed, Linux system offers 100% wireless data encryption, IEEE802.1x authentication, plus customisable security features to give you exactly the level of protection you need for your organisation.

Network Security

Detailed product information

Cynap Pure BYOD wireless presentation system, front view
Cynap Pure Pro

Outstanding wireless presentation & collaboration

  • BYOD wireless screen sharing
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • Document & media player
Präsentationssystem & Kollaborationssystem Cynap Core Pro, Frontansicht flacher
Cynap Core Pro

Easy to use 'core essential' collaboration solution. Ideal centrepiece for smaller installations. 

  • BYOD wireless screen sharing
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • Panopto capture agent option
  • vSolution MATRIX compatible
  • Whiteboard & annotation
WolfVision Cynap presentation & collaboration system , front view

Centrepiece of the modern classroom, meeting room & courtroom

  • Document & media player
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC meetings
  • Recording & streaming
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