Spokane Regional Health District, USA

High quality communications using Cynap


WolfVision Cynap system as broadcasting studio centerpiece


Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) is one of 34 local public health agencies serving Washington State‘s 39 counties. It has approximately 250 employees and serves a population of more than 500,000 in and around Spokane County. As COVID-19 began to spread early in 2020, SRHD and other local agencies responded by partnering to provide daily COVID 19 information to the region via Facebook Live from the Spokane County Emergency Operations Center.  As Spring turned to Summer, Facebook Live production moved into the SRHD building.  It was clear that to improve the quality and frequency of communication, a permanent easy-to-use facility inside their building would be necessary. 

This facility would be used to produce Facebook Live events, as well as press briefings and other communications content, without requiring complicated setup and operation. The SRHD solution has been the installation of an innovative, high quality, broadcasting studio using a WolfVision Cynap system as its centerpiece. This high performance, simple-to-operate studio is used regularly by the SRHD Communications Program which conducts a weekly Facebook Live event for the public, and Zoom press briefings with regional media outlets. The studio is also available to other partner agencies across the region and state, and has already hosted events with the State Secretary of Health, United States congressional representatives, a local university president and many other local leaders.


View of the broadcast studio at SRHD, Washington, USA.
View of the broadcast studio at SRHD, Washington, USA.

The new installation offers high-quality audio and video. Three Vaddio Roboshot 30E remote PTZ cameras are wall-mounted, providing almost infinite viewing angles of the studio and its subjects.  A dual Shure SM58 wireless microphone system is used for audio.  In addition to the traditional ‘desk with microphone’ arrangement, the facility also features a couch where discussions can take place, and a spacious round table where several participants can appear on camera at the same time. In situations like this, where multiple voices need to be heard, a Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system is used to pick up audio from any corner of the room and deliver clear, rich sound. 

The Cynap was chosen not only for its excellent connectivity options, but also for its ‘all-in-one’ versatility, outstanding quality, and ease of use. The customizable user interface makes setup and use simple enough for anyone to enter the studio, press record and start an extremely professional-looking recording and/or streaming session. High quality content can be produced very quickly indeed, and the room continues to be very useful in providing evolving updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health topics. 

Dual wireless Shure SM58 microphones are used for audio. A Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system is used to pick up audio from every part of the room in situations where groups of speakers
Dual wireless Shure SM58 microphones are used for audio. A Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system is used to pick up audio from every part of the room in situations where groups of speakers

We use the Cynap in our studio to connect to Zoom. I can almost guarantee nobody in the meeting will see a better image than ours.

Video Production Specialist - Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD)

The weekly live stream to Facebook often includes several speakers, an additional camera on the Cynap’s second HDMI input for an American Sign Language interpreter, as well as a USB input to display accompanying PowerPoint presentations. A Magwell HDMI USB adapter provides a hard-wired connection for a laptop which is easily selected as a source using the Cynap user interface. Live streams are recorded and available for on-demand viewing to maximize dissemination of information.

With a Cynap system at the centre of the room, together with an impressive selection of cameras and microphones, SRHD has achieved its goal of delivering a facility capable of supporting improved communications. Whether the format is an informational broadcast, press briefing, training session, an interview or group discussion, high quality content can now be quickly and easily produced whenever it’s required. WolfVision is extremely proud to play its part in helping to improve communications at SRHD, and looks forward to providing support and advice to this important regional institution and its partner agencies for many years to come.


Rack-mount installation of WolfVision Cynap at SRHD.
Rack-mount installation of WolfVision Cynap at SRHD.

We’ve got a really good facility here with the Cynap at the centre, and going forward we’ll be able to create some really good content. It’s pretty impressive.

Video Production Specialist - Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD)

Products used

WolfVision Cynap presentation & collaboration system , front view

Multi-functional, all-in-one wireless presentation and collaboration system, providing quick and easy access to information of all types from any source. Also functions as the 'main station' for our vSolution MATRIX AV over IP-based multi-screen collaboration solution.

  • Document & media player
  • Whiteboard & annotation
  • Wireless screen sharing
  • Multi-platform web conferencing (Zoom/MS Teams/WebRTC)
  • HD Recording
  • Webcasting

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