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Specialised learning environments with Cynap & Visualizer systems

Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences (NUAS), which has three campuses in Aichi Prefecture, Nissin, Shinsakae and Meijo-mae, was founded in 2002 based on the founding spirit of “Human Education and Practical Learning.“ The Department of Visual Media, which has introduced WolfVision Cynap and Visualizer systems, aims to develop human resources who have a broad view of the media environment, and can collaborate with other companies to open up and create new worlds while specializing in their respective fields. The Multimedia Laboratory and Sound Suite are very specialised learning environments, and the requirement for upgrading the classrooms was for easy-to-use, versatile learning spaces that encourage collaboration, and facilitate BYOD wireless screen sharing, enabling students to actively participate more easily in classroom activities.

Sound training room: The computer screen of the teacher‘s desk can be mirrored to the student computer.
Sound training room: The computer screen of the teacher‘s desk can be mirrored to the student computer.

Exciting new collaborative learning environment

WolfVision partner Kyoiku Sangyo Co. Ltd. delivered an exciting new collaborative learning environment, the first of its kind in the Nagoya area, with the help of WolfVision Cynap and Visualizer systems. For live imaging, a WolfVision VZ-3neo Visualizer, installed directly onto the desktop was a perfect fit for the limited space available on the lectern, and the WolfVision system was chosen for its outstanding ability to display both three-dimensional objects and printed and handwritten materials on-screen with exceptional detail. In addition to its high-quality imaging, automatic focusing performance was noted to be especially excellent, allowing for very easy handling when shooting all types of materials. 

NUAS recognised that to encourage active participation in the classroom it was essential also to take account of changing learning trends, and enable students to use their own mobile devices. The WolfVision Cynap wireless presentation and collaboration system allows students to share their smartphone, laptop and tablet screens easily, without needing apps, dongles or additional software. All iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Chrome OS devices are supported, providing a consistent high quality BYOD user experience for all teachers and students. This flexibility facilitates spontaneous teacher-student interactions in a way that was not possible before the classroom upgrade.

Sound training room: Visualizer directly attached to the lecture table / VZ-3neo
Sound training room: Visualizer directly attached to the lecture table / VZ-3neo

Excellent image, video, and sound quality

NUAS was pleased to note that when mirroring wirelessly, image quality was almost indistinguishable from a wired connection, with excellent image, video, and sound quality, without any noticeable latency. By streaming video of the instructor‘s applications directly to the student iMacs, students can focus on learning new skills while comparing the instructor‘s lecture information with their own application together on the same screen. Although this streaming feature was originally planned for video delivery to the student iMacs, and for collaboration between two labs, 

NUAS also allows the lecture to be streamed to multiple classrooms. This functionality is successfully used as a solution for multiple, simultaneous in-classroom lectures. WolfVision is extremely proud to play such an important supporting role in student education at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, and looks forward to providing support and advice to this leading educational institution for many years to come. 

Mr. Murata from Kyoiku Sangyo (left) pictured with Mr. Suzuki from NUAS.
Mr. Murata from Kyoiku Sangyo (left) pictured with Mr. Suzuki from NUAS.

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