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Flexible vocational training using an EYE-14 camera




The BBS III Lüneburg, Germany, is a regional competence centre for vocational training and further education in the areas of agriculture, health, dental technology and care, housekeeping, gastronomy, and food technology. Since the restrictions on in-classroom learning due to the Corona pandemic, the focus at BBS III has been on accelerating the installation of technology necessary to support the increased use of digital media, for both face-to-face and remote teaching. All classrooms have been equipped with digital media ( Wi-Fi, video projectors, document cameras, etc.) and teaching staff receive regular training, focused on effective delivery of „digital lessons“.


Kitchen area at BBS III Lüneburg, showing EYE-14 camera with custom swivel arm positioned above the working surface.
Kitchen area at BBS III Lüneburg, showing EYE-14 camera with custom swivel arm positioned above the working surface.

The hotel and catering sector provides training in the areas of hotel management, restaurant specialisation, and cookery, and key elements of the courses take place in the large kitchen in the vocational school, providing a well-equipped area for practical lessons to take place. A WolfVision EYE-14 live image camera with swivel arm has been installed in the kitchen. 

Located in the area of the teacher‘s workstation, with the help of the camera and the large 85” monitor, all students are able to remain at their own working position in the room for proper social distancing, and can easily observe any displayed on-screen content. Typically, this includes teacher demonstrations of food preparation, or even how to serve food correctly onto a plate. These are easily shown to the whole room using the EYE-14 to pick up the content to be observed. Mounted on a swivel arm in the kitchen, content can be picked up and displayed on-screen in 1080p FHD resolution from almost any angle. 

In addition to the 85” monitor in the kitchen, content can also be displayed on a 55” monitor located in the corridor area, and thanks to the small dot of laser light marking the centre of the pickup area, it is very easy to ensure correct positioning of items under the camera. The lasermarker is synchronised with the camera so that it does not appear in any on-screen or recorded images. A 14x optical zoom gives great flexibility in presentations, allowing objects as large as an open book or as small as a postage stamp to be easily be picked up without any reduction in image quality, and for enlarging even smaller objects, a 4x digital zoom is also available. 

The EYE-14 camera displays FHD content on-screen from almost any angle in the kitchen at BBS III Lüneburg.
The EYE-14 camera displays FHD content on-screen from almost any angle in the kitchen at BBS III Lüneburg.

Occasionally there are also professional competitions in the department, and the camera is used to display images on-screen for everybody to see. The camera is also able to stream pictures from the kitchen to the restaurant or the corridor area if required. This is useful for courses where the classes have shared lessons, where half the students work in the kitchen, and the remainder in the restaurant. In this way, the service personnel can easily see what food is being prepared in the kitchen, etc.
WolfVision is extremely proud to see its systems used in such an innovative and exciting way, supporting student education at BBS III Lüneburg, and looks forward to providing support and advice to this educational institution for many years to come.

Products used

Kamera-System EYE-14, Front klein
  • Outstanding FHD imaging quality
  • Built-in HD recording
  • Single centre lasermarker for easy object positioning
  • Can be ceiling mounted as alternative to Ceiling Visualizer without light

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